Century IX  
800 Chinese chess (Hsiang ch'i) introduced.
800 Moors bring chess to Spain. Chess reaches Italy.
800 Corr. game by Emperor Nicephorus and Haron Al-Rashid.
800 Al-Rushid (786-809), Caliph of Baghdad, 1st caliph to play chess.
800? al-Adli ar-Rumi born. Chessplayer
801 Charlemagne (742-814) introduced to chess.
802 Nicephorus of Byzantium writes to al-Rashid about chess.
805 Ash-shafi'i, famous muslim lawyer, plays blindfold.
808 Al Amon, Caliph of Baghdad protested at being disturbed while playing.
809 Harun ar-Rashid died. Abbasid caliph of Islam 786-809. 1st in his dynasty to playt chess.
813 Abdullah al-Mamun, son of Harun ar-Rashid, reigned. Chessplayer.
818 Top players were Jabir al-Kufi, Rabrab, and Abu'n-Na'am. (aliyat)
819 al-Mamum watched Rabrab, Jabir al-Kufi, and Abdalghaffar al-Ansari paly in Baghdad.
819 Caliph Al-Ma'mun (Abdullah alMa'mun) gives 4 players the grandmaster title.
820 Chess introduced in Russia thru the Caspian-Volga trade route..
840 1st chess problem composed by the caliph Billah.
840 al-Aldi is considered the best chessplayer (aliyat)
842 al-Aldi, authors 'a book of chess.'
842 al-Mutasim ibn Harun ar-Rashid died. Chess problem attributed to him.
848 ar-Razi defeats al-Aldi in the presence of al-Mutawakki.
849 Reference to chess in Kashmir Haravijaya (Victory of Siva) by Ratnakara.
850 Decimal chess invented. Board is 10 x 10. 1st use of dice in chess.
866 Al-Mutazz was playing chess when the head of his chief arrival was brought to him.
875 1st reference to knight's tour (turaga) in the Sanskrit Kavyalankara of Rudrata.
880 Abu as-Suli b. Author of 1st book on shatranj.
880 Coordinate notation used in the Arab countries.
892 al-Mutadid (Ah mad alMutadid) comes to power. Chessplayer.
895 Chess introduced to the Greeks; call it zatrikion.