Century VII  
600 Chessmen mentioned in the Sanskrit fantasy romance, Vasavadatta by Subandhu.
600 Chaturanga reaches Persia.
600 1st reference to chess in literature, the Persian romantic KARNAMAK.
606 Chess mentioned in a Sanskrit romance.
610 Earliest chess pieces identified.
620 Chess introduced in Egypt.
625 Chaturanga mentioned in the Sanskrit, Harshacharita, by Bana.
630 Chatrang (old Persian word for chess) developed from chaturanga.
638 The Caliph Omar sanctions chess among the Islamic people.
638 Islamic conquest of Persia changes chatrang to shatranj.
640 Buddhists spread chatrang eastward.
643 Omar b. al-Khattab, father-in-law of Muhammad, asked if chess was legal.
650 Short romance written in Persian, Chatrang-namak, describing chess.
655 Caliph Ali Ben Abu Talib, son-in-law of Muhammad, disapproves of chess for Muslims.
665 Sa'id Bin Jubair born. 1st to play blindfold.
665 Amr ibn al-Asi, Muslim general and conqueror of Egypt died. Chessplayer.
680 50th rule of the canons forbids chess.
685 Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan reigned. A chessplayer.
690 Chess prohibited in Japan by the Emperor Jito.