Century VIII  
700 Sa'id Bin Jubair, a Black judge, plays blindfold chess.
705 Abdalmalik b. Marwan died. Earliest Umayyad calph associated with chess.
710 Walid I kills chessplayer when the player purposely played bad against him.
712 Seville conquered by Arabs. Moorish invaders bring chess to Iberia.
714 Sa'id Bin Jubair died.
715 al-Waldi I died. Killed a chessplayer who avoided beating the caliph.
720 1st literary references to chess in Arabic.
725 Sulaiman ibn Yashar died. Disapproved chess.
728 Arabic poet al-Farazdaq died. His will mentions pawns of chess.
735 Living chess introduced in Europe by Charles Martel (688-741).
742 az-Zuhi died. Great laywer of the Umayyad period and chessplayer.
743 Hisham ibn Abdal-Malik died. Caliph and chessplayer. Ruled 724-743
750 Abbasid caliphs come to power in Baghdad. Document chess.
763 Harun ar-Rashid born. Abbasid caliph of Islam 786-809. Chessplayer
770 1st mention of women chessplayers.
776 Poet Abu Hafs Omar ibn Abdalaziz called ash-Shatranji, the chessplayer.
780 Moorish invaders of Spain introduce chess to Western Europe.
780 al-Mahdi write a letter to Mecca to give up chess, dice, and archery.
790 Earliest known chess piece dates to this period.
795 1st reference to Chinese chess in the HUAN KWAI LU (Book of Marvels).