Century X  
900 Chessplayers in India wages their fingers in chess matches.
900 Chess introduced into Europe.
902 al-Muktafi reigns (902-908); as-Suli is his best chess player.
905 as-Suli defeats al-Mawardi in front of al-Muktafi.
905 Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yahya as-Suli, historian and top chess player.
910 al-lajlaj (the stammerer) is the first to publish openings.
920 Chess pieces are given Persian names.
932 ar-Radi reigns. Taught chess by as-Suli.
946 As-Suli died at Basra; strongest shatranj player in Baghdad.
947 al-Ma'sudi, writes on the history of chess in India and Byzantine chess.
960 Further references of Chinese chess in the sung period.
970 Abul Faraj Muhammad ibn Obaidallah, or al Lajlaj (the Stammerer) died. Pupil of as-Suli.
973 Al-Beruni born. Wrote INDIA, which mentioned chess.
975 Daqiqi begins the SHAHAMA, national epic of Persia
980 Rabbi Abu Yachia describes chess in his Hebrew writings.
988 Ibn an-Nadim writes on a whole succession of leading players and chessbooks.
999 Versus de scachis is a 98-line poem describing the game & its rules.
999 Earlist known literary account of chess in Europe, the Einsiedeln Verses, Switzerland.