Century XI  
"Let all men know how emty and worthless is the power of kings, for theere is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey"
King Canute
1000 Chess is widely known throughout Europe.
1000 Chess reaches Russia from Byzantium and from the Vikings.
1000 The daughter of Otto II (955-983) was "won" from a chess match.
1005 Chess is banned in Egypt by al-Hakim; and all chess sets were burned.
1007 Petrus Damiani born.
1008.07.28 1st written reference to chess in Europe, from a will of Ermengaud I, Count of Urgel.
1011 Firdausi completes Shahnama or Book of Kings. Written in Persian. References to chess.
1013 Chess brought to England with the Danish invasion.
1027 Canute, King of Denmark and England, learns to play chess from pilgrimmage to Rome.
1030 al-Beruni writes of an Indian form of 4-handed chess and dice. - INDIA
1035 Canute died.
1048 Al-Beruni died. Wrote INDIA which mentioned chess.
1050 Earliest reference of chess in the German literature, the Latin epic Ruodlieb.
1055 Chess poem, Ludus scacorum or Elgia de Ludo Scachorum, written.
1058 al-Mawardi died. Wrote about chess.
1060 William the Conqueror breaks board over head of Prince of France.
1061.12 Cardinal Damiani of Ostin forbids the clergy to play chess.
1066 Chess introduced into Britain.
1070 al-mutamid, Morrish king, regarded as a chess patron.
1072 Damiani died.
1078 Seville was spared from siege due to a chess game.
1078 King Alfonso VI of Castile played chess with B. Ammar.
1080 Normans name the financial departments exchequer.
1081 Emperor Alexius I comes to power. Plays chess with his court.
1082 Regulations of chess in persia are published.
1089 Jayyash leads revolt after disguising himself as indian chessplayer.
1090 Boards with alternating light and dark squares are introduced.
1092 Abraham Ben Ezra b. in Tudela, Spain. Author of Hebrew chess works.
1093 Chess is condemned by the eastern orthodox church.
1097 1st French reference to chess.
1098 Turkish General Karbuga was playing chess during the siege of Antioch.