Century XIII  
1200 Courier chess, played on a 12x8 board, introduced.
1200 Great chess, played on a 100 square board, introduced.
1202 4th Crusade (1202-1204)
1208 The bishop of Paris, Odo Sully, bans chess from the clergy.
1210 Morality of chess according to Pope Innocent III (1160-1216) written.
1212 Ferrand of Portugal hit his wife Jeanne over a game of chess.
1213 King John was playing chess when his deputies from Rouen arrived to ask for his help against King Augustus.
1217 Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, born.
1220 Chess is no longer played with dice to determine moves.
1230 Icelandic ST OLAF'S SAGA contains a chess incident. 1st appearance of chess in the Norse lands.
1230 Astronomical chess introduced.
1240 Chess forbidden to the clergy in Worcester, England.
1242 Al-Mustasim, Abbasid caliph, reigned
1250 King Louis IX (1214-1270) receives a fine chess set from Aladdin.
1250 The king of Denmark was captured while playing chess.
1250 Latin verse romance, the Vetula, by Richard de Fournival. Mentions chess.
1250 Mabinogion, Welsh epic, attains written form. Chess mentioned.
1250? Cessole, Jacopo da, (Cessolis), born in Italy. Author of the most famous of chess moralities.
1252 THE INNOCENT MORALITY chess allegory written by John of Wales.
1254.08.16 Court case about a chessplayer who stabbed his opponent to death.
1254.12 St Louis IX of France restricts chess to laymen.
1255.05.08 Provincial Council of Beziers in France forbids chess.
1257 Arabic manuscript now in British museum (BM manuscript)
1258 Al-Mustasim put to death by invading Mongols.
1258 end of Abbasid caliphs.
1260 King Henry III (1207-72) instructs the clergy to leave chess alone.
1262 Russian word for chess (shakmatny) is introduced.
1264 Quarrel over chess game; man stabs woman to death.
1265 Buzecca played 2 games blindfold, 1 OTB (+2=1) in Florence.
1265 Hulagu Khan died.
1268 Conradon was playing chess in prison before being executed.
1271 Ruling dalmation towns of Yugoslavia was determined by a chess match.
1273 Cotton MS is the earliest English collection of chess problems.
1275 Cessole writes the most important of all moralities and most copied.
1275 Option of pawn double move on the 1st move introduced in Italy.
1279 Chinese introduce new pieces to Chinese chess (siang ki)
1283 Alfonso manuscript prescribed the use of a checkered board.
1283 Dice chess explained by King Alfonso X in his manuscript.
1283 Alfonso manuscript completed. Compiled for Alfonso X, Castile King. Called Libro del Acedrex.
1290 Lombard lawyer, Guido de Baysio, formulate rules to govern chess.
1291 The Archbishop of Cantebury, John Peckman, forbids chess.
1295 BONUS SOCIUS is 1st European MS using a coordinate notation.
1295 Bonus Socius, 1st compilation of chess problems, written in Lombardy.
1299 Priests were forbidden from playing chess.