Century XIX  
1800 Brede, Ferdinand born in Stettin, Poland. Problemist.
1800 Schlumberger born in Mulhouse. Teacher of St Amant. Operated the Turk.
1800 Grimm, Vincent born in Vienna. Grimm Attack.
1800 Last time stalemate is a win for the side whose King is stalemated in England
1800.08.15 Basterot, Barthelemy born in Dublin.
1800.09.02 Saint-Amant, Pierre born at Cheteau Latour. Leading French player.
1801 Del Rio completed another chess book, which remained unpublished.
1802 Del Rio, Ercole died. Nicknamed the anonymous Modenese.
1802 1st American chess book - CHESS MADE EASY, published in Philadelphia.
1803 Anthon exhibits Turk in London.
1803 Anatasia's mate, with Knight & Rook, published by Heinse, Wilhelm (1746-1803).
1803 Bryan, Thomas born in Philadelphia. Bryan variation.
1803.03.13 Walker, George born. English chess writer and organizer.
1803.06.22 Wilhelm Heinse, who wrote about Anastasia's mate, died in Aschaffenburg.
1804 1st authenticated correspondence match - The Hague vs. Breda. (BCM 1974,141)
1804 Verdoni died. Italian player.
1804 The name 'Philidor's Legacy', 1st used in book by Pruen.
1804 Napoleon Bonaparte plays the Alekhine's Defense.
1804.03.26 Kempelen, inventor of the first automaton, Turk, died.
1804.05.15 d'Orville, Pierre born in St Petersburg. Problemist.
1805 1st original American chess book published in Boston.
1805 Szen born in Pesth, Hungary. Founded Budapest Chess Club.
1805 Maelzel buys the Turk from Kempelen' son.
1805 Sarratt reputedly the best player in England until his death in 1819.
1806.01.01 Kieseritzky, Lionel born in Tartu. Strong French player of his day.
1807 Stalemate becomes a draw in England after persuasion by Sarratt.
1807 Worrall, Thomas born. British Commissioner in Mexico.
1807 London Chess Club founded.
1807.03.17 Mongredian born. Pres. of London CC and Liverpool CC.
1807.07.11 Atwood, George died in London. Played Philidor and recorded his games.
1807.11.22 Ernest Morphy born in Charleston, SC.
1808 Sarratt is chess pro at Salopian coffee house, London.
1808 TREATISE ON THE GAME OF CHESS by J. Sarratt published.
1808.05.10 Horwitz, Bernhard born in Neustrelitz, Germany. One of the Pleiades.
1808.12.17 George Allen born in Milton Township, VT. Nephew of Ethen Allen.
1809 Zurich chess club, oldest chess club in Europe, founded.
1809 The Turk (Allgaier) defeats Napoleon at Schonbrunn. (game - CR 1/47, 16)
1809.06.09 Bruhl, John (Hans) died in London.
1810 Elijah Williams b. Bristol. English chess master.
1810 Eon de Beaumont, Charles died. (d'eon) Transvestite.
1810 Rousseau, Eugene born. French player.
1810.02.02 Hermann vonHanneken, born in Vicheln, Prussia. Hanneken Defense.
1810.03 Staunton b. Westmoreland. Leading player of the 1840's.
1810.07.15 Lowenthal, Johann b. Budapest. Strong British player.
1811 1st time the openings written in tabular form, in Allgier's book.
1811 Kling b. Mainz. Composer and pioneer endgame analyst.
1811 Last known copy of the 1st practical chess book (1495) destroyed.
1811 Beauharnais, Napoleons's stepson, buys the Turk for 30,000 francs
1811.08.03 Wilhelm Hanstein born in Berlin. Hanstein Gambit. Elo: 2480.
1812.02.29 Hirschbach, Hermann born in Berlin. Hirschbach var.
1813 Sarratt publishes the works of Damaino, Ruy Lopez, and Salvio.
1813.07.09 1st newspaper chess column in "Liverpool Mercury." Ran until 1819.
1813.08.23 Jaenisch, Karl born. Resigned his army commission to play chess.
1814 Wyvill, Marmaduke born. Placed 2nd in the London 1851 tournament.
1814 Shastri writes Essays on Chess, Bombay. Known as the Brahmin. 1st Indian problems.
1814 Meek, Alexander born in Columbia, SC.
1815 Hamppe, Carl born in Vienna. Elo: 2410. Hamppe opening
1815.07.08 Howe, Henry born in Guildford, England. Canandian ch 1877.
1815.09.21 Paul Bilguer born in Ludwigslust. Handbuch des Schachpiels. A Pleides.
1816 Maelzel supposedly invents the metronome; swiped from Winkel.
1816.11.17 Hicks, William born in Portsmouth, England. Canadian ch 1874.
1817 Schliemann born. Played the Schliemann Defense in the 1860s.
1817 Sarratt publishes works on Gianutio and Selenius.
1817 Maelzel repurchases the Turk. Exhibits in Paris.
1817.10.10 Dubois, Serafino born in Rome. Elo: 2550
1818 Tassilo von der Lasa born. Conceived of a German opening handbook.
1818 Kenny, W.S. publishes his "Practical Chess Grammar."
1818.07.06 Anderssen, Adolf born in Breslau (now Wroclaw), Germany.
1818.09 Turk in London. Operator is William Lewis, Champion of England.
1818.10.17 Heydebrand un der Lasa, Tassilo born in Berlin.
1819 Williams, then Mouret operate the Turk.
1819 Brunet y Bellet, Jose born in Barcelona.
1819 Allgaier publishes detailed analysis of the Allgaier Gambit.
1819.06.27Ernst Falkbeer born in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Edited The Chess Players
1819.09 Stanley, Charles born in Brighton. Strong American master. Died in 1901.
1819.11.06 Sarratt died impovrished. Strongest English player of his day.
1820 Robert Willis published a book in which he analyzed the Turk.
1820 Marcus Kann born in Vienna. Published analysis of Caro-Kann in 1886.
1820.01 Bayer, Aloys displays his Bavarian Boy automaton in Munich.
1820.12.08 Frere, Thomas born in New York City. Wrote chess handbook.
1821 1st Russian manual on chess published, by Butrimov.
1821 NEW TREATISE OF CHESS by Sarratt is 1st to have a beginner's section.
1821 Willis, Robert published an article about a hidden operator in the Turk in 'The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal.'
1821 Twiss, Richard died. Chess author.
1821 Albrecht Weber born. 1st to investigate Indian literature for referecnes to chess.
1821.08.12 Ware, Preston born in Boston. Pres of American chess Foundation.
1821.11.24 Buckle, Henry born in Kent. Historian read 12 languages. Elo: 2480
1822 Divan, famous chess room in London, founded by Samuel Ries.
1823 1st chess column to appear in a periodical, by Walker for LANCET.
1823.01.03 Allgaier, Johann died in Vienna of dropsy. Strong master from Vienna.
1823.04.29 Harrwitz, Daniel born in Breslau, Poland. Elo: 2520.
1823.09.30 Rudolf Gottschall born in Breslau, Poland, founded German chess federation.
1824 Herzfeld, Sebastian born in Austria. Physician. Herzfeld defense.
1824 Beauharnois, Prince Eugene died. Bought the Turk for a brief time.
1824 Evans discovered the Evans Gambit.
1824.04 Scotch opening named from the Edinburgh-London corr. match.
1824.04.23 1st corr, matches, between London & Edinburgh. Edinburgh won in July 1826.
1824.10.22 Hookham, Henry born in London. New Zealand ch 1890.
1825 Thomas Barnes from Falmouth, England, played against Morphy and win the most.
1825 Ben Oni by Reinganun, published in Frankfurt. 1st mention of Benoni.
1825 Parsloe's, a famous chess club in London, closed.
1825 Benoni named after book published by Aaron Reinganum.
1825.09.25 Hooper, Charles Alfred, creater of Ajeeb, born in Bristol, England.
1825.12.20 Maelzel sails for America with Turk to escape debts and lawsuits.
1826 Schlumberger arrives in America.
1826.02.03 Maelzel landed in New York with the Turk.
1826.04.04 Boden, Samuel born in Hull. Morphy considered him strongest English plyr.
1826.04.13 Turk 1st exhibition in the US, in New York. Operator is a Frenchwoman.
1826.05.30 Armand Blackmar born in Bennington, VT. Inspired Blackmar Gambit in 1881.
1826.07 Edinburgh won 1st corr. chess match against London. Started in 124.
1826.09.13 Turk exhibited in Boston.
1826.10.01 Schlumberger arrives in Boston to operate the Turk.
1826.12.22 The Turk arrives in Philadelphia.
1827 Owen, John ('Alter') born. Strong English player.
1827 1st chess club in Philadelphia formed after the Turk visits the city.
1827 Urusov, Sergei born. Chess-playing Russian prince.
1827.05 Two youths observe the operator emerge from the Turk.
1827.05 Daniel Walker builds an automaton, The American Chessplayer.
1827.05.30 Brown, John born in Bridport, England. Problemist.
1827.06.01 Baltimore Gazette revealed how the Turk operated with a hidden operator.
1827.06.01 Carroll, Charles age 84, plays The Turk. Signed Dec of Independence.
1828 Tolstoy, Leo born. Russian chess novelist and chess fanatic.
1828 Ranken, Charles born. First president of the Oxford University Chess Club.
1828.04.15 From, Martin born in Nakskov, Denmark. From's Gambit named after him.
1828.09 Turk returns to Europe.
1828.11.10 Bayer, Conrad born in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. Prize-winning problemist.
1829 1st book entirely devoted to one opening, published in India.
1829 Correspondence between Madras and Hyderabad.
1829 Cochrane, James and Kassam wrote THE MUZIO GAMBIT, Madras 1829.
1829 Abbazia Defense of the Kings's Gambit 1st published by Silberschmidt.
1829.02.14 Dufresne, Jean born. German player and writer. Elo: 2370
1829.04 Turk returns to US.
1829.04.21 Crosskill, Alfred born in Beverley, England. Endgame analyst.
1830 Hamburger Schachklub, oldest chess club in Germany, founded.
1830 1st published game by an American woman player, from Philadelphia.
1830.05. Campbell, Joseph born in Cookstown, Ulster. Problemist
1830.05.04 de Riviere, Arnous Jules born in Nantes, France. Elo: 2450.
1830.05.19 Cook, Eugene born in New York City. 1st American composer of note.
1830.05.29 Edge, Frederick born in London. Journalist.
1830.07.14 Bird, Henry born in Portsea, Hampshire. Leading British amateur player. Elo: 2440
1830.08.08 Cochrane, James died in Cheltenham, England. Wrote a book on the Muzio Gambit in 1829.
1830.08.16 MacDonnell, George b. Dublin. Chess columnist and author.
1830.08.18 Freeborough, Edward born in Hull, England. Author.
1831 Lewis chessmen discovered on the isle of Lewis. 67 pieces. Oldest complete set.
1831 PROGRESSIVE LESSONS by W. Lewis published.
1831 Fraser, George born in Scotland. Scottish ch 1898; Fraser Attack.
1831 Westminster chess club at Huttman's founded by George Walker.
1831.11.11 Fiske, Daniel born in Ellisburg, NY. American editor, writer, and bibliophile.
1831.12.27 Green, Valentine born in Knipton, England. Green var.
1832 Boultbee, William born in England. 1892 Canadian Ch.
1832 NEW TREATISE ON CHESS by G. Walker published.
1832 Petrov analyses the Petrov's Defense.
1832.03.12 Grimshaw, Walter born in Dewsbury, England.
1832.08.07 Max Lange born in Leipzig. Suggested the Max Lange attack in 1854.
1833 Antonius van der Linde, Dutch chess historian, born.
1833 Mortimer, James born. Chess journalist.
1833 Henry, W.R. born. Pseudonym of William Russ. American archivist.
1833.01.15 Paulsen, Louis born in Lippe-Detmold, Germany, Master player.
1833.02.05 Watkinson, John born. Founder of the British Chess Magazine.
1834 1st match of consequence, the La Bourdonnais-McDonnell match.
1834 Mouret, former operator of the Turk, sells the secret to a magazine. (BCM 1977,373); 1st authentic revelation of the Turk.
1834 Start of corr. match between Westminster Club and Cafe de la Regence.
1834 Tennison, Otto born. Tennison gambit. Civil war commander.
1834 Labourdonnais wins overall in series of 6 matches against McDonnell.
1834.12.01 Automaton Turk exhibited in Charleston.
1835 Gumpel, Charles, builder of mephisto, born in England.
1835 Staunton chessmen designed by Nathaniel Cook.
1835 Pratt, Peter died. Chess author.
1835 Walker starts as editor of chess column in Bell's Life for 38 years.
1835 Ahlhausen, Carl born in Germany. Librarian of the Berlin Chess Assn.
1835 Congdon, James born in New York. Elected president of the National Chess Association in 1874.
1835.01.04 1st appearance of G Walker's "Bell's Life in London."
1835.01.23 Fiske, William born in Ellisburg, NY. Chess player, musician, and chess columnist.
1835.09.14 McDonnell, Alexander d. London of Bright's disease. Greatest Irish player.
1836 Kling publishes analysis of R and B vs. R endgame in Le Palamede.
1836 1st chess mag 'Le Palamede,' published in Paris by La Bourdonnais and J Mery.
1836 St Amant beats Walker in match at London CC.
1836 St Amant is the 1st to suggest a time limit to chess.
1836 Staunton on subscription list for collection of MacDonnell's games by Walker.
1836 Schwarz, Adolf born. Hungarian-born player.
1836.04 Poe writes a famous article in 'The Southern Literary Messenger' on how the Turk operates.
1836.05.14 Steinitz born according to Dr Hermann Neustadtl (BCM 1974,76).
1836.05.17 Steinitz, William born in Prague.
1837 1st comprehensive survey of openings published by Alexandre in Paris.
1837 Kolisch b. Pressburg, Hungary. Chess patron.
1837 Pleides, a group of Berlin players, formed.
1837 England's 1st chess magazine, THE PHILIDORIAN, founded by Walker.
1837 Alexandre introduces standard notation and the castling symbol.
1837 Liverpool Chess Club founded.
1837 Mouret, Jacques died. Turk operator. Nephew of Philidor.
1837 Rosenthal, Samuel born. Journalist and chess teacher.
1837 Benima, Levi born. Dutch champion in 1881, 1883.
1837.01.11 Holloway, Alfred born in Bristol, England. Holloway Defense.
1837.03.24 Mackenzie, George b. North Kessock, Scotland. Ger. ch 1887. Scottish ch 1888.
1837.04.30 Gilbert, Ellen (ne Strong) born in Leverett, MA. Corr. player and Queen of Chess.
1837.06.22 Morphy. Paul born in New Orleans.
1837.11.09 Maelzel, Schlumberger, and the Turk sailed for Havana.
1838 1st use of the term grand master in connection with chess.
1838 THE PHILIDORIAN discontinued after 6 issues.
1838 Staunton joins Old Westminster CC.
1838 CHESSBOARD COMPANION by Lewis published. Ran thru 9 editions.
1838.01.16 Brentano, Franz born in Marienburg, Germany. Published analysis on openings.
1838.02 Schlumberger died. St Amant's teacher. The TURK operator. Got yellow fever while in Havana.
1838.02.24 Guretzky-Cornitz, Bernhard born in Berlin. Endgame analyst.
1838.03.05 Winawer, Simon b. Warsaw. German ch. 1883.
1838.07.21 Maelzel found dead in berth off Charleston; buried at sea.
1838.07.25 Boren, Per born in Linkoping, Sweden. Boren variation.
1838.09.14 Maelzel's property sold at public auction in Philadelphia. Ohl buys Turk for $400.
1838.12.15 Neumann born in Gleinitz. Strong German master.
1839 1st chess magazine, Le Palamede, ends.
1839 Kieseritsky wins a 100 game match against E. Rousseau at the Cafe de la Regeance.
1839 New York Chess Club formed by James Thompson.
1839 Turk purchased by Dr John Mitchell.
1839 Budapest Chess Club founded by Josef Szen.
1840 Penny postcard for chess led to a boom in postal chess.
1840 Staunton is Secretary of the Westminster CC.
1840 Staunton bought magazine & converted into CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE.
1840 Othodox problem developed as an art form we know today.
1840 Potter, William born. Leading English player of the 1870s.
1840 Staunton beats Popert in London match.
1840 CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE is 1st successful chess magazine in the English language.
1840.01.04 Hanham, James Moore born in Woodville, MS. Introduced the Hanham variation in 1889. Major, USA.
1840.05 Staunton began writing a chess column in the NEW COURT GAZETTE.
1840.09.16 Bilguer, Paul died (age 27) in Berlin. A Lt. in the Prussian Army.
1840.11 Turk given to Chinese Museum in Philadelphia.
1840.12 Staunton ends writing a chess column in the NEW COURT GAZETTE.
1840.12.13 de Labourdonnais, Louis died in London.
1840.12.13 Louis Charles de la Bourdonnais, died in London of dropsy.
1841 1st chess periodical, CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE, by Staunton. Lasted until 1854.
1841 1st chess association formed, the Yorkshire Chess Association.
1841 Walker's NEW TREATISE is 1st popular chess book sold at a low price.
1841 Tournament first used a a chess term at Leeds.
1841.01.30 Loyd, Sam born in Philadelphia. Most famous American composer.
1841.02.18 Ascher, Jacob born in Plymouth, England.
1841.04.28 Goring, Carl born in Bruheim, Germany. Goring gambit.
1841.09.12 Delmar, Eugene born in New York City. Elo 2420. Delmar var.
1841.11.26 LEONARD; James Leonard b. NY. Played 8 games blindfolded.
1841.12 St Amant revived Le Palamede, a monthly magazine until 1847.
1841.12 Stanley beats Staunton in a match (BCM 1982,365).
1841.12.06 Gossip, George born in NY. He was last place in many tournaments. Elo: 2310
1841.12.10 Blackburne, Joseph born in Manchester. Br. ch. 1868, 1914. Ger. ch. 1881. Elo: 2570
1842 1st openings analyses on modern lines published.
1842 Rousseau emigrates to the US; defeats B. Oliver and J. Schulten in matches.
1842 Stanley emigrates from London to New York to work in the British Consulate.
1842 Hoffer, Leopold born in Budapest. Editor of the Chess Monthly.
1842 Chambers, John born in Scotland.
1842 Anderssen publishes a collection of chess problems.
1842.06.25 1st appearance of THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, oldest chess column.
1842.09.07 Zukertort, Johannes b. Lublin. World ch challenger in 1886.
1843 1st known photograph of chessplayers.
1843 1st edition of Bilguer's 'Handbuch des Schachspiels.'
1843 Wilson, Thomas Bright born. Invented 1st chess clock.
1843 Stanley emigrates to New York.
1843 Sonneborn, William born.
1843 Staunton plays 1 c4, and becomes known as English opening.
1843 Staunton Gambit actually played by St Amant against Staunton.
1843 WALKER; George Walker founded St George's CC at Hanover Square.
1843 Jaenisch publishes analysis of chess.
1843 Benoni 1st played by St Amant against Staunton. Called Staunton def.
1843 Minckwitz, Johannnes born. Chess author.
1843 CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE becomes a shilling monthly magazine.
1843 1st documented American chess tournament, a local event.
1843.07 St Amant (+2=1-2) beats Staunton in London and wins 1 guinea.
1843.08.01 Schallopp, Emil b. German player and stenographer of the Reichstag.
1843.11.14 1st use of seconds for Staunton (Wilson,Evans, Worrell) and St Amant.
1843.11.14 Staunton-St Amant match, at Cafe de la Regence, Paris.
1843.12.18 Cordel, Oscar born in Ascherslebben, Germany. Cordel var.
1843.12.20 Staunton's victory over St Amant marks the end of French supremecy.
1843.12.20 Staunton defeats St Amant, 11 wins, 6 losses, 4 draws, in Paris match. Wins 100 pounds.
1844 1st telegraph match played between Washington and Baltimore.
1844 Popert, H. died. One of the strongest players of his day.
1844 Walker's CHESS STUDIES contains 1,020 games from 1780 to 1844.
1844 Ghulam Kassim died in India. Ghulam Kassim gambit. Co-author of 1st openings monograph.
1844 telegraph chess first played between Washington and Baltimore.
1844 Stanley beats Schulten twice.
1844 1st Boden's mate (mate with 2 Bishops), Horwitz-Popert, Hamburg.
1844 Rothschild, Albert born. Chess patron.
1844.02.24 Barbier, Georges born in Besancon, France.
1845 1st 2-dimensional pocket chess set devised by Peter Roget.
1845 Defeat of Paris in a correspondence match ends French supremecy.
1845 The "Indian" problem, published in CPC, starts chess compositions.
1845 WHITE; John White, book collector, born.
1845 Stakes - first game for national ch ampionship is Stanley-Rousseau for stakes of $1,000.
1845 Williams becomes editor of the Field column.
1845 Pocket set first designed by Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869).
1845.02 Staunton writes most influential column in ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.
1845.02.06 Rudge, Mary b. Won 1st international women's tourney, 1897.
1845.02.14 de Vere, Cecil (ne Brown) born in England. Elo: 2450. Winner of 1st British ch, 1866.
1845.03.01 1st US chess column in THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, NY, by Charles Stanley.
1845.04 1st chess problem to in the US appears in THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES.
1845.04.09 Staunton & Kennedy in Gosport play Walker, Buckle, Evans in London by telegraph.
1845.04.11 Berger, Johann born in Graz. Strong player, editor, and author. Elo: 2495
1845.07.08 Charlick, Henry, 1st Australian chess champion (1887), born in London.
1845.11.10 Fleissig, Max born in Csenger, Hungary. Fleissig Gambit.
1845.12.01 Stanley wins, 15 wins, 8 losses, 8 draws. (BCM 1982,365)
1845.12.01 US Ch held at the Sazerac Coffee House, New Orleans between Stanley and Rouseau.
1845.12.01 US Ch was $1000 winner take all. First to win 15 games, draws not counting.
1845.12.01 Stanley-Rousseau match was 1st organized chess event in the US.
1846 1st time chess notation with figurines appeared.
1846 CHESS PALLADIUM, an American chess monthly, come out.
1846 1st German magazine, published; oldest chess mag still in existence.
1846 Schulten beats Stanley.
1846 Anderssen joins the editorial staff of SCHACHZEITUNG chess magazine.
1846 Stanley writes 31 Games at Chess, the rarest of US chess books; 1st match book in US.
1846 Stanley publishes 31 GAMES OF CHESS, 1st US book on a chess match.
1846 THE BEAUTIES OF CHESS published. 1st large compilation of problems.
1846 Kieseritzky defeated Horwitz (+7=1-4) at London.
1846 SARRATT; Mrs. Sarratt gave chess lessons to the aristocracy in Paris.
1846.01.23 Clemenz, Hermann born in Tartu, Estonia. Clemenz Opening.
1846.05.30 Wisker born. 1st to win British ch twice in succession.
1846.08.06 Bledow, Ludwig founder of the Pleiades, died in Berlin.
1846.10 1st US chess journal, AMERICAN CHESS MAGAZINE, founded C. Stanley.
1846.10 2nd chess mag, CHESS PALLADIUM & MATHEMATICAL SPHINX, by Marache & Wilson (BCM 1982,365)
1847 Saavedra b. Seville. Discovered the Saavedra move.
1847 Staunton 1st plays the Staunton Gambit against Horwitz.
1847 Simpson's, room at 101 The Stroud, London, famous for chess.
1847 Several womens' chess clubs formed in the Netherlands.
1847 Stanley challenges any player except Staunton to a match.
1847.07 CHESS PLAYER'S HANDBOOK by Staunton published in Bohn's Scientific Library series.
1847.09 Last issue of AMERICAN CHESS MAGAZINE by Stanley.
1847.10.27 Deschapelles, Alexandre died in Paris. Gifted French player. French soldier.
1847.12 Last issue of Le Palamede monthly chess magazine.
1847.12.25 Shinkman, Walter born in Bohemia. The Wizard of Grand Rapids.
1848 1st chess set and board for the blind made, by W. Wood.
1848 1st chess column in a women's magazine appeared in the Ladies Newspaper, London.
1848 Stanley edits a chess column in THE ALBION (1848-56).
1848 Hamppe of Vienna analyses the Vienna opening.
1848.09.14 Albin, Adolf born in Bucharest. Austrian theortician, chess writer & journalist.
1848.10.14 1st chess column in the US, in THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, ends.
1848.11.02 Stanley starts chess column in the Albion.
1848.12.31 Burn, Amos born in Hull, England. German ch 1898. Elo: 2530
1849 CHESS PLAYER'S COMPANION by Staunton published in 1849.
1849 Kieseritzky edited LA REGENCE until 1851. Used an obscure notation.
1849 1st time the word tournament applied to a real tournament - England.
1849 Max Lange originally analyses the Kieseritzky Attack.
1849 CHESS EUCLID published by Kling, containing over 200 problems.
1849.01 Buckle wins Ries Divan (London) knockout. 1st modern chess tourney.
1849.03 COOKE; Nathaniel Cooke register's his chess design (Staunton design).
1849.08.29 Mills, Daniel Mills b. Stroud. Scottish ch 9 times. Br amateur ch 1890.
1849.09 Staunton recommends Cooke's chess pieces in ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.
1849.11.19 Mason, James b. Kilkenny, Ireland. Chess master and author.
1849.12.15 Brede, Ferdinand died in Altona, Germany. Problemist.
1849.12.29 Lowenthal arrives in NY. Politcal refugee.
1850 Alexandre, Aaron died in London. Chess author and teacher.
1850 Taubenhaus, Jean born. Operated Mephisto.
1850 Cook, William born in Bristol, England. Wrote opening book. Cook var.
1850 Lowenthal establishes a cigar divan for chess players on Cincinnati.
1850 Chatard, Eugene born in France. Chatard var.
1850.02.11 The "Great Match" between Stanley and J. Turner begins in Washington, D.C.
1850.02.14 Stanley defeats Turner, 11 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw.
1850.02.22 Rice, Isaac b. in Germany. American industrialist and chess patron.
1850.05.04 Schiffers, Emanual born. Known as Russia's Chess Teacher.
1850.10.14 Hanstein, Wilhelm died in Magdeburg. Magazine founder. Hanstein Gambit. Elo: 2480.
1850.11.12 Chigorin, Mikhail born in St Petersburg. Elo: 2600.
1850.11.12 Tchigorin born near St. Petersburg. Russian ch 1899, 1901, 1903.
1851 The Immortal Game, Anderssen-Kieseritzky, played in the Divan.
1851 Hunt, Joseph born in Canada. Hunt opening.
1851 Lowenthal becomes Secretary of the St. George Chess Club.
1851 Anderssen, A. is world chess ch; A. Anderson is world checker ch.
1851 Boden introduces the Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit.
1851 Scheve, Theodor von born. German player.
1851 CHESS STUDIES, (208 studies) by Kling and Horwitz published.
1851.01.31 Butrimov, Ivan died in St Petersburg. Published 1st Russian chess book in 1821,
1851.03.21 Brodsky, Adolf born in Taganrog, Russia. Brodsky variation.
1851.04.14 Crane, William born in Castle Hill, Australia. Australian ch 1888, 1897.
1851.05.07 Opening day of the 1st ever international tournament, London.
1851.07.09 Englisch, Berthold born in Holtzenplatz, Austria. German ch 1879. Elo: 2520.
1851.07.15 End of 1st international tournament began in London, organized by Staunton.
1851.07.28 All-play-all tournament, first was London International on this day.
1851.08 THE CHESS PLAYER, weekly magazine, edited by Kling & Horwitz.
1851.08 Anderssen wins the London International. Only 1 prize, a silver cup.
1851.12.10 Hamilton, C.D.P. born.
1851.12.27 Judd, Max born. US Open winner in 1903. Was US consul in Vienna.
1852 WILLIAMS; Elijah Williams publishes book about The Divan. 150 games included.
1852 QUEVEDO; Leonardo Quevedo born. Inventor of the 1st chess playing machine.
1852 THE CHESS TOURNAMENT, London 1851, published by Staunton.
1852 Lichtenhein emigrates to the US; was a Prussian officer.
1852 time limit of 20 minutes per move introduced in Harrwitz-Lowenthal.
1852 Wittek, Alexander born. Austrian player, architect.
1852 Horwitz appointed chess professional in Kling's coffee house.
1852.11.09 Gelbfuhs, Oscar born in Sternberg, Czechoslovakia. Tie-breaking method.
1852.12.26 Babson, Joseph born in Pigeon Cove, MA. Chess composer.
1853 1st game played using signals at sea between ships.
1853 Evergreen game between Anderssen and Dufresne played.
1853 Fleissig, Bernhard born in Hungary. Fleissig var.
1853 Vezin, Charles died. One of the best players in the country.
1853.01 Dufresne wins the 1st berlin tournament.
1853.01 Williams edited a chess column in THE FIELD.
1853.05.18 Kieseritzky, Lionel died. Committed to a mental home in Paris.
1853.08.02 Hall, John born in Bradford, England. Hall var.
1853.09 Staunton plays several players in Belgium.
1854 1st problem-solving chess contest, held in London, won by Grimshaw.
1854 Williams, E. died of cholera in London. Editor of the Field column.
1854 Helpmate invented by Max Lange.
1854 Staunton sold the CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE to R. B. Brien.
1854 The Max Lange attack analysed by Max Lange.
1854 Cleland, Robert born in New Zealand. Won the 12th NZ Ch in 1899.
1854 Uedemann, Louis born.
1854 Lowenthal writes a chess column for THE ERA magazine for 13 years.
1854 Danish Gambit 1st analyzed in a German chess magazine.
1854 Fyfe, Peter born in Scotland. Fyfe gambit.
1854.05.16 Forsyth, David born in Alness, Scotland. New Zealand ch 1901. Invented notation.
1854.06.13 Gledhill, Walter born in Leeds, England. Gledhill Attack.
1854.07.04 Branch, William born in Hastings. Chess historian.
1854.07.05 Turk destroyed by fire in a Chinese Museum in Philadelphia.
1854.07.21 Gattie, Walter born in London. Won 1st Br. Amateur Ch 1886.
1854.11.02 Gunsberg, Isidor born in Budapest. German ch 1885. World Challenger 1891. Elo: 2560.
1855 1st Black American chessplayer, T. Thompson, born.
1855 The Chess Association, founded in Britain by George William.
1855 Cavallotti, Mattia born in Milan. Cavallotti Countergambit.
1855 1st world problem tournament, organized by Charles Stanley.
1855 Gauss died. Chessplayer. Solved 8 queens problem.
1855 Only ancient chessmen of conventional shape discovered in India.
1855.02.14 Grundy, James born in Manchester, England.
1855.04.18 ROWLAND; Frideswide Beechey Rowland b. 1st woman to win a prize for chess problems & chess column.
1856 Guest, Antony born in Staines, England. Br. amateur ch 1888.
1856 CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE ends because of financial loss.
1856.01.02 Falkbeer wins London knock-out, McDonnell chess club.
1856.03.15 Last chess column in the Albion, by Stanley.
1856.03.28 1st game by telegraph between clubs, Liverpool vs Manchester.
1856.07.06 The Immortal Problem composed by Conrad Bayer.
1856.08.11 Bachmann, Ludwig born in Kulmbach, Germany. The Chess Herodotus. Chronicler of chess.
1856.09.09 Hruby, Vincenz born in Krivsoudov, Czechoslovakia. Elo: 2480
1856.11.19 Alapin, Simon born in Vilnius. =1st at St. Petersburg 1878.
1857 1st American college chess club at Yale.
1857 1st national body in Great Britain, The Chess Association, formed.
1857 1st demonstration board, designed by Lowenthal.
1857 Mitchell, previous owner of the Turk, writes article on how it operates.
1857 Horwitz appointed professional at the Manchester Chess Club.
1857 Weis, Max born.
1857 Fiske wrote the dance tunes 'Chess Polka'.
1857 Edwards, Joseph born in New Zealand. NZ Ch 1894.
1857 Buckle publishes HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION
1857 Fiske edits CHESS MONTHLY (1857-1860) (co-edited by Morphy).
1857 Vienna Chess Society founded
1857.01 Montgomery and D. Fiske propose a National Chess Congress.
1857.01.13 Szen, Joszef died in Hungary. Founded Budapest Chess Club.
1857.01.15 Fritz, Alexander born in Kirchlotheim, Germany. Elo: 2350. Fritz var.
1857.04.10 Dudeney, Henry born in Mayfield, England. England's king of puzzle makers.
1857.06.11 Narraway, James born. Canadian ch 1893, 1897, 1898.
1857.08.11 Lowenthal wins Manchester knockout ahead of Anderssen.
1857.10 Paulsen played 4 blindfold games simultaneously in NY.
1857.10 American Chess Association started.
1857.10.06 1st American Chess Congress is 1st true tournament in the New World. Morphy won.
1857.10.20 Louis Paulsen's sister beat Judge Meek at the American Chess Congress
1857.11.10 1st American Chess congress won by Morphy (16 players)
1857.12 Stanley's daughter born. Named Pauline after Morphy.
1858 Boston Chess Club founded.
1858 Paulsen is 1st Us opening theoritician; 1st to analyze Goring Gambit.
1858 Fiske edits chess column in the NY SATURDAY PRESS (1858-1860).
1858 Morphy plays the Duke of Brunswick & a Count at the Paris Opera.
1858 THE LIFE OF PHILIDOR published by George Allen.
1858 Frere's CHESS HANDBOOK published. Describes 4-handed chess.
1858 HOUDIN; Robert-Houdin write chapter in his magic book about Automata.
1858.06.09 Morphy sails from NY on board the S.S. Arabia.
1858.06.21 Morphy 1st landed in England (Liverpool).
1858.08.27 Lowenthal wins BCA Congress knockout, Birmingham.
1858.12.28 Morphy defeats Anderssen at Paris 8-3
1859 1st Russian magazine, SHAKHMATNY LISTOK, published.
1859 Vienna tournament: Hamppe 1st, Jenay 2nd, Steinitz 3rd.
1859 Lowenthal begins chess editor of the Illustrated News for 17 years.
1859 Stanley publishes MORPHY'S MATCH GAMES.
1859 Stanley publishes THE CHESS PLAYER'S INSTRUCTOR.
1859 Paulsen played 15 players blindfold.
1859 CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE reappears by Kolisch, Zytogorski, Kling.
1859 Problem published that has 47 ways to mate in one - a record.
1859 MOEHLE; Charles Moehle born. Operated Ajeeb in the United States.
1859 Allen, George reveals how Turk operates, in Book of 1st American Chess Congress.
1859.01.04 Morphy defeats Karl Anderssen in Paris.
1859.02.03 Blake, Joseph born in Farnborough. Br. ch. 1909; Br. corr. ch. 1922.
1859.02.06 Cohn, Wilhelm born in Berlin. Elo: 2450. Professional player.
1859.02.22 Baird (Winter Wood), Edith born in Brixton, England. Composed over 2,000 problems.
1859.04.12 1st day of the match Morphy v Anderssen, Hotel Breuteuil, Paris: Morphy won (7 wins, 2 losses, 2 draws)
1859.04.20 Morphy played 8 blindfold simul games at St George's CC, London. Won 5, drew 3.
1859.04.26 Morphy plays 5 masters simultaneously at St James CC, London.
1859.07.02 1st intercollegiate chess match - between Amherst and Williams College
1859.07.02 Colleges met at Pittsfield, MA. 1st day was the 1st intercollegiate baseball match
1859.12 Morphy gives up serious chess.
1860 Hamppe wins Vienna tournament, Steinitz 2nd.
1860 Lowenthal writes MORPHY'S GAMES OF CHESS with Morphy's assistance.
1860 HISTORY OF CHESS published by D. Forbes. History of Oriental chess.
1860 Boden's mate, mate by 2 Bishops, played by Boden in London.
1860 1st chess book written by a woman, ABCs of Chess by Cooke (BCM 1981,402)
1860 Code of rules published by Staunton in his CHESS PRAXIS.
1860 Makovetz, Gyula born. Edited Hungary's first chess magazine.
1860 Staunton publishes CHESS PRAXIS, his 4th and final book in Bohn's series.
1860 1st helpmate by Loyd. Black moves first.
1860 Stanley edits a chess column in the MANCHESTER WEEKLY (1860-62).
1860 1st woman chess author, H. Cooke, published The ABC of Chess, bu a Lady
1860.02.05 Showalter, Jackson b. in Minerva, Kentucky. US ch 1888,'90,'91,'95, 1906.
1860.06.20 Shipley, Walter born.
1860.08.11 Blathy, Otto born in Tata, Hungary. Created longest chess problem, 290 moves.
1860.08.28 Kolisch wins Cambridge knock-out.
1861 1st game played by means of underwater cable, Liverpool-Dublin.
1861 1st match with timed moves (by sandglass: 24/2), Anderssen-Kolisch.
1861 Steinitz wins Vienna tournament. Austrian champion.
1861 The Chess Association renamed to British Chess Association (BCA).
1861 MacKenzie resigns his Army commission to become chess pro.
1861.03.04 Bardeleben, Curt born in Berlin. German champion 1893, 1904. Elo: 2510
1861.06.01 Stanley wins Leeds knockout.
1861.06.30 Bauer, Johann born in Prague. Strong Viennese master. Elo: 2460
1861.07.21 Hodges, Albert born in Nashville. Operated Ajeeb. Won US ch 1894. Elo: 2450
1861.09.14 Paulsen wins Bristol knockout.
1861.09.22 1st West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Vitzthum.
1861.10.26 Telegraph match between Liverpool CC and Dublin CC.
1862 1st study-composing tournament, orgnized by Lowenthal,won by Horwitz.
1862 British Chess Association formed.
1862 Analysis of From's gambit 1st appears in SCHACHZEITUNG.
1862 Mackenzie wins a handicap tournament in London, defeating Anderssen.
1862.03.05 Tarrasch, Siegbert b. Breslau. German ch 1889, 1892, 1894. Challenger 1908.
1862.05.29 Buckle, Henry died in Damascus of typhoid fever. Historian and leading British player. Read 12 languages. Elo: 2480
1862.06.01 1st time hourglasses were used as clocks (2 hours/20 moves) - London.
1862.06.01 1st Round Robin pairings, London 1862.
1862.06.01 Lowenthal organizes world's 2nd international tournament, London.
1862.06.16 Anderssen wins London International, 1st Round Robin.
Followed by Paulsen, Owen, MacDonnell, Dubois, and Steinitz.
1862.07.05 Caro, Horatio born in Newcastle, England. Published analysis of the Caro-Kann in 1886. Elo: 2470.
1862.08 CHESS PLAYER'S CHRONICLE chess magazine ceases publication.
1862.09.07 2nd West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Max Lange.
1862.09.26 Leonard, James died in the Civil War. Strong American master.
1862.10.16 Gottschall, Hermann born in Posen, Poland. Elo: 2400 Author and editor.
1862.10.24 Salwe b. Warsaw. Strong Polish player. 4th Russian ch 1906.
1862.12.16 Hume, George born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Problemist and collector.
1863 POPIEL; Ignacy Popiel born. Analyzed the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
1863 Mackenzie arrives in America to fight on the Union side.
1863 Allen, George writes LIFE OF PHILIDOR, Philadelphia
1863.01 1st issue of THE CHESS PLAYER'S MAGAZINE, by Falkbeer and Lowenthal.
1863.07.04 Lipschutz, Samuel b. Ungvar. US ch 1892 by defeating Showalter.
1863.08.31 3rd West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Max Lange.
1863.11.17 Brown, John died in Bridport, England of tuberculosis. Problemist.
1863.11.29 Marco, Georg born in Czernowitz. Chess journalist.
1864 Georgetown, British Guiana chess club founded.
1864 NEUE BERLINER SCHACHZEITUNG (1964-67) edited by Anderssen & Neumann.
1864.08.29 4th West German Chess Congress, Dusseldorf, won by Max Lange.
1864.11.11 d'Orville, Pierre died in Regensburg, Germany. Problemist.
1865 Rynd wins 1st Irish Ch in Dublin.
1865 Counties' Chess Association (CCA) founded.
1865 Hooper builds copy of Turk, names it Ajeeb.
1865 Anderssen get honorary doctorate at Breslau University for his chess.
1865 Staunton publishes Great Schools of England.
1865 Kelling, F.K. born in New Zealand. Grand old man of New Zealand chess.
1865.02.27 Mieses, Jacques born. Longest career of any master, 60 years (1888-1948).
1865.03 1st issue of THE CHESS WORLD monthly magazine, edited by Staunton.
1865.08.29 German Congress, Berlin, won by Neumann (34/34). 1st 100% score.
1865.09.15 1st Counties Chess Association, Redcar, won by Skipworth.
1865.09.26 Steinitz wins in Dublin.
1866 Mackenzie defeats G. Reichhelm for the US title (5 wins, 1 draw)
1866 Henry, W.R. died. Pseudonym of William Russ. American archivist.
1866.01.17 Traxler born in Czechoslovakia. Introduced Traxler var. 1890.
1866.02.21 Hutton, George born in Cranshaws, England. Introduced pairing for team events.
1866.03.14 Troitzky, Alexei b. in St. Petersburg.
1866.03.18 Heyde, Albert born in Braunschweig, Germany. Editor. Heyde var.
1866.06.20 1st British Ch. London, won be de Vere. Won 28 guineas.
1866.06.20 Steinitz wins London knockout.
1866.06.21 Atkinson, Walter born in Hull. Introduced the Atkinson variation.
1866.07 1st match with mechanical clocks, Anderssen-Steinitz.
1866.08.10 Steinitz defeats Anderssen, 8-6, to become recognized world ch.
1866.08.11 2nd Counties Chess Association, Redcar, won by De Vere.
1866.08.30 Burille, Constant Ferdinand born in Boston. Operated Ajeeb in the United States.
1867 1st issue of LA STRATEGIE, French chess magazine. Ended in 1940. Edited by Preti.
1867 Danish gambit introduced generally by von der Lasa.
1867.04.22 Petrov, Alexander died in Warsaw. 1st strong Russian player.
1867.06.04 Kolisch wins Paris tournament. Presented a vase by Napoleon.
1867.06.12 Hamilton-Russell, Frederick born in England. President of BCF.
1867.06.24 1st time mechanical clocks used, in Paris.
1867.09.01 1st time draws count as 1/2 point - Dundee international.
1867.09.14 Dundee International, won by Neumann, and Fraser & Steinitz.
1867.10 Last issue of the CHESS PLAYERS'MONTHLY, edited by Lowenthal.
1867.10.27 Behting (Betins), Karl born in Berzmuiza, Russia. Behting variation.
1868 Ajeeb created by Hooper & exhibited at Royal Polytechnical Institute.
1868 Winawer wins in Warsaw.
1868.01.14 Bettmann, Henry born in Cincinnati. Chess problemist.
1868.05.31 1st Northern German Chess Fed, Hamburg, won by Max Lange.
1868.06.07 Janowski, David b. Woldowysk. German ch 1902. World challenger 1910.
1868.06.24 Murray, H.J.R b. Camberwell. Author of HISTORY OF CHESS. (BCM 1974,240)
1868.08.17 Forbes, Duncan died in London. Wrote history of chess.
1868.11.23 2nd British Ch, London, won by Blackburne.
1868.12.24 Teichmann, Richard b. in Altenburg. German master.
1868.12.24 Lasker, Emanuel born in Berlinchen in Brandenburg. World ch 1894-1921.
1869 1st documented proposal for tie-breaks, by Zborzek of Prague.
1869.01 Longest master tourney, NY. 48 players. Mackenzie won (+82 -8).
1869.03 Last issue of Staunton's, THE CHESS WORLD.
1869.07.24 2nd North German Federation, Anderssen 1st.
1870 1st correspondence chess club founded in England.
1870 Rousseau, Eugene died. French player.
1870.01.05 Helms, Hermann born in Brooklyn. IA 1954. Dean of American chess.
1870.01.10 Rinck, Henri born in France. Leading endgame composer (2,000).
1870.03.03 Maroczy, Geza born in Szeged. Hungarian ch 1932. GM 1950
1870.05.15 Bryan, Thomas died aboard ship in the Atlantic. Bryan variation.
1870.07.16 1st chess clocks used - Baden-Baden
1870.07.18 Anderssen wins at Baden-Baden, ahead of Steintiz and Blackburne.
1870.07.20 Heathcote, Godfrey born in Manchester. Composer.
1870.08.22 Lewis, William died. Chess theoretician, teacher, & author.
1870.09.24 Berger won the 1st tournament in the Austro-Hungarina empire, Graz.
1870.10.10 3rd British Championship, London, Wisker 1st (tb) and Burn.
1870.11.09 1st interstate match by telegraphy in Australia, Victoria vs N.S. Wales.
1870.12.16 Finn, Kate born in England. 1st British women's ch 1904. Won again in 1905.
1871 1st county match in England, Yorkshire-Lancashire.
1871 Benedict, Clare born in America. Chess patron. Granddaughter of Fenimore Cooper.
1871 1st round robin tournament introduced in the US.
1871.02.10 Agnel, Yhacinth died in West Point, NY. Author.
1871.02.22 Englund, Fritz born in Vastervik, Sweden. Englund Gambit.
1871.11.28 Walbrodt b. Amsterdam. German co-champion 1893 with Bardeleben.
1871.12.04 Start of the 2nd American Chess Congress.
1871.12.15 2nd American Chess Congress was $100 1st prize. Total prize $290.
1871.12.15 2nd American Chess Congress, Cleveland, Mackenzie 1st. (9 players)
Schliemann died.
PRICE; Edith Price b. London. British ch 5 times. Challenger 1927, 1933.
Steinitz defeats Zukertort in match. (+7-1=4)
Papers presented to Berlin Royal Academy of Science on chess history.
Canadian Chess Association founded.
Ware named president of the American Chess Foundation.
1872.01.15 Grimm, Vincent died in Budapest. Grimm Attack.
1872.01.27 Sergeant, Philip born.
1872.03.17 Jaenisch, Karl died. Leading Russian theoretician and chess author.
1872.07.02 Start of the 4th British Ch in London.
1872.07.14 2nd British Chess Association, London, Steinitz 1st.
1872.07.14 Wisker 1st to win British Championship twice in succession; London.
1872.07.22 Griffith, Richard born in London. British ch 1912. Co-author of MCO.
1872.08.03 Evans, William died in Ostend, Belgium.
1872.08.17 Calvi, Iganzio died in Modena, Italy. Italian player and composer.
1872.08.20 Atkins, Henry born in Leicester, England. Won Br ch 9 times, 7 times in a row. IM 1950; Elo: 2540
1872.10.29 Saint-Amant, Pierre d. at Hydra, Algeria after being thrown from carriage. (Age 73)
1872.12.05 Harry Nelson Pillsbury born Somerville, MA.
Creevey, James born in Ireland.
Blackburne gets the nickname 'Black Death' after playing in Vienna.
Bird introduces Bird's Opening against Wisker.
Walker ends his chess column in Bell's Life after 38 years.
1st Netherlands Chess Federation, Gifford 1st at The Hague.
Vienna: won by Steinitz.
1873.03.28 1st Oxford-Cambridge chess match.
1873.05.16 1st Canadian Championship, Toronto. Ensor 1st.
1873.05.23 Dutch Chess Federation founded.
1873.06.24 Corzo y Principe, Juan born in Madrid. Cuban ch 1902.
1st tie-breaking system, Sonnenborn-Berger, used by Gelbfuhs, Vienna.
1873.09.19 Charousek, Rudolf born in Prague. Elo: 2570
1873.10.17 Guretzky-Cornitz, Bernhard died in Berlin. Endgame analyst.
1873.12.06 Blake, Percy born in Manchester, England. Problemist.
1873.12.12 Barry, John born in Boston.
1873.12.14 Chajes, Oscar born in Brody, Russia. Elo: 2440
Brooklyn Chess Club Ch, Delmar 1st.
Gossip publishes THE CHESS-PLAYERS'S MANUAL, a 900 page opening book.
City of London Chess Magazine published by Potter.
Hicks wins 2nd Canadian Ch in Montreal.
DeLelie wins 2nd Netherland Ch in Amsterdam.
1874.03.02 Schlecter, Carl b. Vienna. Ger. ch. 1900, 1904, 1910. Challenger 1910.
1874.05.14 Sotheby's holds important chess book auction (BCM 1974,171)
1874.06.22 Staunton died in his library chair, London, of a heart attack.
American Chess Association transformed into National Chess Association.
1874.07.07 Start of the 3rd American Chess Congress.
1874.07.16 3rd American Chess Congress, Chicago, Mackenzie 1st. (8 players)
1874.07.16 3rd American Chess Congress had $450 in prizes; players had to pay $20 EF.
1874.08.20 Barnes, Thomas reduced his weight by 130 pounds in 10 months and died.
1874.10.01 Fahrni, Hans born in Prague. Elo: 2480. 1st to play 100 simultaneously, 1911.
Van der Linde publishes his 1st book on history of chess.
WOLF; Heinrich Wolf, Austrian master, born.
NEWHAM; Samuel Newham, England's leading provincial player, died.
Gifford wins 3rd Netherlands Ch in Rotterdam.
LEOPOLD; Prince Leopold, later Duke of Albany, President of Oxford U CC.
Bartmanski, Henryk born in Poland. Bartmanski variation
Hoessler, Anton born. Inventor of the Ingo rating system.
Jackson wins 3rd Canadian ch in Ottawa.
1875.02.09 de Vere, Cecil (ne Brown) died in Torquay, England. Elo: 2450. Winner of 1st Britich ch, 1866.
1875.02.09 de Vere, Cecil died of tuberculosis (age 29). 1st British champion.
1875.04.26 1st Italian ch, Rome, Seni 1st.
1st Russian chess magazine, published by Tchigorin.
CHESS THEORY AND PRACTICE published by Wormald (and Staunton).
Kling, pioneer endgame analyst, died.
Vogel wins 4th Netherlands Ch in Gouda.
Sanderson wins 4th Canadian Ch in Hamilton.
Mephisto 1st exhibited at Westminster Aquarium in London.
Royal Library in The Hague buys the Van Der Linde collection.
brilliancy prize, first. Tournament in NY.
Pauly, Wolfgang born. Greatest problemist of Romania.
Steinitz defeats Blackburne in a match (+7-0=0)
1876.03.27 London (cigar divan), Blackburne 1st.
1876.05.17 Hamppe, Carl died in Gersau, Switzerland. Elo: 2410. Hamppe opening.
1876.05.28 Allen, George died in Worcester, MA.
1876.05.29 Holzhausen, Walther born in Opava, Czechoslovakia. Elo: 2410. Holzhausen Attack.
1876.07.21 Lowenthal, Johann d. Hastings. Strong British player.
New York (Cafe international), Mackenzie 1st.
1876.08.17 Start of the 4th American Chess Congress. 1st to attract foreigh masters.
1876.08.31 4th American Chess Congress, Philadelphia, Mason 1st (not US citizen)
1st attempt to copyright a chess game.
1876.09.01 1st brilliancy prize, a silver cup, awarded to Bird over Mason, NY.
1876.09.20 New York (NY Clipper tournament), Mason 1st.
1876.11.23 Heinrichsen, Arved born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Heinrichsen opening.
German National Body formed; Germany becomes leading chess nation.
Leonhardt born.
Shinkman invents the 1st mutate of a block position problem
Heath, Christopher born in London. 1923-4 Scottish Ch. Heath var.
Daniels wins 5th Netherlands Ch in The Hague.
Cranston, T.G. born in Dublin. Irish ch 1922, 1931.
Green, Valentine died in London. Green var.
Marshall, Frank b. NY. Ger. ch. 1906, 1908. Challenger 1907. US Ch 1909.
Gelbfuhs, Oscar died in Tesin, Czechoslovakia. Tie-breaking method.
1st meeting of the Manhattan Chess Club (37 people).
1st appearance of Mephisto by Gumpel.
1st East German Championship, Konigsberg, Hasford 1st.
1st time the sealed move introduced, in Paris.
London (Lowenthal cup), Wayte 1st.
Counties' Chess Assn Handicap tournament won by Mephisto (Gunsberg).
Van't Kruijs wins 6th Netherlands Ch in Amsterdam.
MacDonnell withdraws from tourney unless Mephisto player identified.
Worrall, Thomas died. British Commissioner in Mexico.
Swiderski, Rudolf born.
CHESS STRATEGY by Loyd published. Contains 500 of his problems.
Barasz, Zsigmond born in Hungary. Analysed the Budapest Defense. Elo: 2440
Sprega wins 2nd Italian Ch in Livorno.
Telephone chess first played.
1st documented telephone match, in Derbyshire. Between F. Thompson and J. Cooper.
1st New York State Championship, Cox 1st.
Cochrane, John died in London. Scottish player. Founder of the romantic style.
Bernard, Henry born in Devon, England. Problemist.
Paris, Zukertort 1st.
Duhm, Hans born in Gottingen, Germany. 1901 Switzerland co-champ.
Colman, Eugene born in Merton, England. Colman var. discovered while POW in Japan.
Collijn, Ludvig born in Stockholm. Chess patron. President of the Swedish Chess Ass. from 1917 to 1939.
2nd New York State Championship, Auburn, Richmond 1st.
College Chess Club,a women's chess club formed. Disbanded after marriages (BCM 1981,403)
Pope wins 7th Canadian Ch in Ottawa.
Chess Monthly published by Zukertort.. Stopped in 1896.
Dupre, C. wins 7th Netherlands Ch in Rotterdam.
Ascher wins 6th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
St Petersburg, Tchigorin 1st.
Anderssen, Adolf died in Breslau from a heart ailment. Elo: 2600
Goring, Carl died in Eisenach, Germany. Goring gambit.
Walker, George died. Chess columnist in London.
1st German Chess Federation, Leipzig, Englisch 1st.
City of London Chess Club Championship, Bird 1st.
1st New Zealand Championship, Christchurch, Hookham 1st.
Dus-Chotimirsky, Fedor born in Kozel, Russia. IM 1950.
Hundsdorfer, Wolfgang born in Munich. Problemist.
President Garfield played chess.
1st intercontinental telegraph match. 2 games played between Liverpool and Calcutta. Code by Rutherford.
1st chess club in Russia, organized by Tchigorin.
Van der Linde published his 2nd book on history of chess.
Flamberg, Aleksander born in Warsaw. Elo: 2480. Warsaw ch 1910.
Przepiorka, Dawid born. Polish player.
Andreaschek, Karl born in Czechoslovakia. Gambit named after him.
Paulsen wins strong tournament in Brunswick, Germany.
Bird wins 8th Netherlands Ch in Gouda.
Perlis, Julius born. Viennese player.
Mackenzie defeats Max Judd of St Louis (+7-5=3).
Start of the 5th American Chess Congress (10 players).
5th American Chess Congress, new york, Mackenzie 1st (tb) and Grundy.
5th American Chess Congress was the 1st to have a tie and playoff for an American title.
Durand, Philippe died in Lisieux, France. Wrote 1st book devoted to the practical endgame.
White, Alain born.
3rd New York ch, Syracuse, Calthrop 1st.
Barnes, Albert publishes analysis of the Barnes Defense in Canada.
Carls, Carl born in Varel, Germany. German ch 1934. IM 1951. Elo: 2450
Collijn, Gustaf born in Stockholm. With his brother, Ludvig, wrote LAROBOK.
1st French ch, Paris, Rosenthal 1st.
Blackmar gambit first analysed and published.
Salvioli wins 3rd Italian Ch in Milan.
Preti, Jean-Louis died. Chess writer. Started LA STRATEGIE.
Van der Linde publishes his 3rd book on history of chess.
Shaw wins 8th Canadian Ch in Ottawa.
Cavalotti introduces the Albin Countergambit against Salvioli, Milan.
1st BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE, oldest mag without a break. Watkinson is editor.
Napier, William b. London. Br. ch 1904. Married Pillsbury's niece.
Neumann died in Allenberg. Suffered from mental illness.
Platov, Vasily born.
Howell, Clarence born in New York City. Howell Attack.
Manhattan Chess Club ch, Teed 1st.
Thomas, Sir George b. Istanbul. Br. ch. 1923, 1934. London ch 1946.
Brentano's Chess Monthly publised in NY.
2nd German Chess Fed, Berlin, Blackburne 1st.
Fleischmann, Leo (also Forgacs) born in Budapest. Elo: 2520 Hungary ch 1907.
Sergeant b. Gateshead. London ch 1951.
du Mont, Julius born in Paris.
1st time NimzoIndian Defense played, by Englisch against Steinitz.
Messemaker wins 10th Netherlands Ch in the Hague.
1st time in England of Sonneborn-Berger tiebreaker in Liverpool CC.
Journaud, French chess editor died.
BEECHEY; Frideswide Beechey is 1st woman to win prize as composer of chess problems.
Mason made 72 consecutive Queen moves against Mackenzie, London.
1st Italian chess column in the Enganeo, a Padua paper.
Sanderson wins 9th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
Boden, Samuel died of scarlet fever in London. Elo: 2470
Longest winning streak, 25 wins, Steinitz. Began on 4 Aug, 1873.
Edge, Frederick died in London. Journalist.
Vienna, Steinitz & Winawer 1st (18 players).
Moscow Chess Club ch, Durnovo & Schmidt 1st.
Bernstein, Ossip born in Jitomir, Ukraine. GM 1950; IA 1952. Elo: 2590.
Rubinstein, Akiba b. Stawiski. Ch. of 4 countries. GM 1950.
Duras, Oldrich born in Prague. Czech ch 3 times and German ch. GM 1950. Elo: 2580
Beechey is 1st woman to write a chess column.
Graves, Frank born in Alvarado, TX. USCF President 1954.
Rueb, Alexandre born in La Haye. 1st FIDE President.
Manhattan Chess Club Handicap, Simonson 1st.
play published called MATE by Charles Jolliet.
1st International Problem Tourney for Ladies, by Frideswide Beechey. (BCM 1981,403)
1st Forsyth notation for giving positions in the Glasgow Weekly Herald.
Zannoni wins 4th Italian Ch in Venice.
Winawer wins 3rd German Ch in Nuremberg.
Chess Blossoms by Frideswide Beechly Rowland, a woman.
Ascher and Howe win 10th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1st day of the London International Tournament, 1st tourney in which clocks were used.
Spielmann, Rudolph b. Vienna. Nordic ch 1919. German ch 1927. Died 20 Aug 1942.
Hennig, Heinrich born in Germany. Hennig-Schara Gambit. Admiral.
Henneberger, Walter born in Ennenda, Switzerland. Henneberger var.
1st mechanical double-faced clock (Wilson) - London (15 moves/hour).
London, Zukertort 1st, Steinitz 2nd.
Balla, Zoltan born in Budapest. Elo: 2450
Harley, Brian born in Saffron Walden, England. Composer.
Daly, Harlow born in Dorchester, MA.
Ahues, Carl born in Bremen. German ch. 1929. IM 1950. Elo: 2490.
1st Manhattan Chess Club ch, Ryan 1st.
1st patent for chess clock by A. Schierwater.
Philadelphia Chess Club ch, Michaelis 1st.
Scottish Chess Association, oldest in the world, founded.
First chess patent, for a clock.
Lambert wins 11th Canadian Ch in Ottawa.
1st womens' chess tourney, sponsored by the Sussex Chess Assn. (BCM 1981,403)
CHESS STUDIES AND ENDGAMES, by Horwitz, published. 427 positions.
Golden Gate chess club formed in San Francisco.
Messemaker wins 12th Netherlands Ch in Gouda.
Prokes, Ladislav born.
Chess Fruits by Thomas and Frideswide Rowland.
1st photo in BCM.
Harrwitz, Daniel died in Bozen, Italy. Strong German player of his day. Elo: 2520.
Yates, Frederick born Leeds. British champion 6 times.
Wisker died from bronchitis & consumtion in Melbourne.
Cohn, Eric born in Berlin. Elo: 2480. Medical doctor.
1st telephone chess match between Cardiff and Swansea.
Blumenfeld, Beniamin born in Volkovisk, Russia. Russian chess theortician. Elo: 2390
Morphy died in New Orleans of apolexy at the age of 47.
Start of the 1st Scottish Ch in Glasgow.
British Chess Assn inaugurated. Pres, Churchill; VP, Tennyson (BCM 1974,174)
1st Scottish ch, Glasgow, Crum 1st.
Znosko-Borovsky, Eugene b. Alexandrovitch.
Anderson, Magnus born in Melbourne. Collected 6,000 chess books.
Ilyin-Genevsky b. St Petersburg. Leningrad ch. 1925, 1926, 1929.
Krylenko born.
Tchigorin edits Achackmatni Vestnik.
Tennyson, Poet Laureate, becomes President of the BCF.
1st Australian ch. Melbourne. Won by Esling, defeating Gossip.
Havana Chess Club formed. Site of 3 world chess championships, 1889, 1892, 1921.
CHURCHILL; Lord Randolph Churchill elected Vice President of the BCF.
TRABUE; Col Trabue to hold tourney funded by pinapples in Florida (BCM 1980,599)
Van Foreest wins 13th Netherlands Ch in The Hague.
American association of chess editors formed.
Pollock wins 2nd Irish Ch in Dublin.
Ajeeb makes its debut in the United States (New York).
Gunsberg wins 4th German ch in Hamburg.
Hereford Times confers 1 f4 as Bird's Opening.
Krejcik born.
American Chess Editors Assoication formed by D. Hervey.
Steinitz edits THE INTERNATIONAL CHESS MAGAZINE until Dec, 1891.
Treybal, Karel born in Czech. Czech master.
Golden Gate CC formed in San Francisco.
2nd Manhattan chess club ch, Delmar 1st.
1st Congress of British Chess Association, London; Gunsberg 1st.
Vidmar, Milan born in Ljubljana. Nordic ch 1909. Yug ch 1939. GM 1950.
Start of 2nd Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
Mills wins 2nd Scottish Ch.
Horwitz, Bernhard died in London. Leading player and composer of his day. Elo: 2420
President Cleveland and VP Hendricks visited Ajeeb in NY for chess.
1st Irish chess association, Dublin, Pollock 1st.
Franklin chess club ch, Philadelphia, Newman 1st.
Lasker, Ed born in Poland.
Falkbeer, Ernst died in Vienna. Chess editor. Edited THE CHESS PLAYERS' MAGAZINE. Elo: 2410.
Mackenzie beats S. Lipschutz (5-3, 5 draws).
Zannoni wins 5th Italian Ch in Rome.
Van Foreest wins 14th Netherlands Ch, Utrecht.
Hooper ships Ajeeb to Eden Museum, NYC.
MacLeod wins 12th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
Pollock wins 3rd Irish Ch in Belfast.
KANN; Marcus Kann died.
1st chess clock marketed in Liverpool (BCM 1980,599).
Analysis of Caro-Kann appear in the chess magazine, BRUDERSCHAFT.
THOMSON; Florence Thomson b. Glasgow. Scottish ch. World women's ch. 1937.
Sonneborn and J. Berger publicize the Sonneborn-Berger method.
Helsinki Chess Club formed.
1st telephone match, between Manchester and Liverpool.
Issue No. 86 of Dubuque Chess Journal. Issue No. 85 appeared in 1878.
1st use of a demonstration board in a world championship match.
1st world ch. match, Steinitz-Zukertort, New York, begins.
1st meeting of the Yorkshire Chess Club.
British Chess Club, London, 1st Blackburne.
Steinitz (+10=5-5) defeats Zukertort, 12.5-7.5, New Orleans.
Steinitz becomes first official world champion.
Start of 3rd Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
Barbier wins 3rd Scottish Ch.
London, Blackburn & Burn 1st.
1st British Amateur ch, London, Gettie 1st (ended in October).
1st Bavarian ch, Munich, Neustadtl 1st.
Abonyi, Istvan born in Budapest, Hungary. Invented the Abonyi gambit.
1st New York Summer Congress, Cooperstown, Shipley 1st.
Hanneken, Hermann von, died in Neunahr, Germany. Prussian General. Hanneken Defense.
Harksen, Alfred born in Ystad, Sweden. Harksen Gambit.
Gattie wins 1st British Amateur ch and the Newnes Cup.
Berlin chess club ch, Schallopp 1st.
Telegraphic match between London and St Petersburg. Code invented by Gringmuth (Udeman notation)
Blumich, Reinhold Max born in Germany. Blumich variation
Nimzovich, Aron b. Riga. Russian ch 1914. Nordic ch 1924, 1934.
1st Brooklyn chess club ch.
Columbia chess club ch, new york, koehler 1st.
London chess league formed (metropolitan chess club competition).
Barry, George wins 13th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
50 bd Yorkshire vs Lancashire 1st to use chess clocks.
2nd Australian Ch won by Charlick in Adelaide.
Van Foreest wins 15th Netherlands Ch, Amsterdam.
Russian candidate for the Bulgarian crown is Prince Dadian (BCM 1980,600).
Judd defeats A. Hodges 5-2. Judd claims he is US champion.
French Chess Assn formed.
1st national ch for women, England. Ladies Challenge Cup (BCM 1981,403)
Mackenzie wins 5th German Ch in Frankfurt (15-5) ahead of 20 masters.
Tartakower, Saveilly b. Rostov-on-Don. Polish & French ch. GM 1950.
Kostic, Boris b. Vrsac. Yugoslav ch 1935, 1938. GM 1950.
Batik, Frantisek born in Chotusice, Czechoslovakia. IMC 1959.
Altschul, Frank born in San Francisco, CA. Problem book publisher.
Hromadka, Karel born in Gross Weikersdorf, Austria. Elo: 2440. Hromadka Defense
Start of 4th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
Mills wins 4th Scottish Ch.
Duchamp, Marcel born in Rouen, France. Famous avant-garde painter.
Berlin Chess Club Jubilee, Max Harmonist 1st.
2nd Australian ch, Adelaide, Charlick 1st.
Johner b. Zurich. Won Swiss ch. 6 times. Brother won 12 times.
Basterot, Barthelemy died in Torino, Italy.
London Chess League founded under the name Metropolitan Chess Club Competition.
Banks, Newell born in Detroit.
Start of 2nd British Amateur Ch in London.
Locock wins 2nd British Amateur ch.
1st international correspondence chess tournament organized.
Showalter wins 1st US ch, Cincinnati. Judd takes last place. (6 players)
Loman wins 16th Netherlands Ch, Rotterdam.
Verlinsky, Boris born.
Lipschutz adds 122-page addendum to Gossip's CHESSPLAYER'S MANUAL.
MacLeod wins 14th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
US Chess Association formed.
New Viennese Chess Club founded.
Mongredien died. Pres of the London CC and Liverpool CC.
Friess, Hans died in Germany. Friess var.
Hirschbach, Hermann died in Leipzig. Hirschbach var.
Zukertort, Johannes d. London of a cerebral hemorrhage after a chess game.
Start of 5th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
Mackenzie wins 5th Scottish Ch.
Start of the 3rd British Amateur Ch in Bradford.
Guest wins 3rd British Amateur Ch.
Steinitz becomes naturalized U.S. citizen.
Hammond, Alex born in England. Chess set collector.
Blackmar, Armand died in New Orleans. American music publisher.
Pillsbury learns the game of chess.
Capablanca y Graupera, Jose born in Havana. World chess champion 1921-1927. Elo: 2725.
Lederer, Norbert born.
Kolisch died in Vienna. Chess patron.
1st Switzerland ch, Pestalozzi & Poplawski 1st; Zurich.
Sonneborn is writing about chess scoring methods.
Rotlewi, Gerz born. Polish player.
Best game prize, first. Gunsberg over Mason, New York 1889
Pillsbury learns the game of chess.
Blathy composes longest problem - mate in 290 moves.
Flemming, Richard wins 15th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
Schiffers is 1st Russian to deliver a course of lectures on chess.
4th Irish Ch held in Dublin. Nobody knows who won.
Tarrasch wins 6th German Ch in Breslau.
Van Foreest wins 17th Netherlands Ch, Gouda.
Em Lasker wins at Breslau; gains German master title.
Ollivier wins 2nd New Zealand Ch, Christchurch.
Johner, Hans b. Basel. Swiss ch 12 times. Brother won it 6 times.
Start of 2nd world ch. match, Steinitz-Tchigorin, Havana.
1st brilliancy prize for match game, awarded to Steinitz. (300 fr.)
Steinitz defeats Tchigorin, 10.5 - 6.5 in 2nd world ch match, Havana.
Ohio ch, Cincinnati, George Smith 1st.
Hanham introduced the Hanham variation of the Philidor Defense.
Levenfish, Grigori b. Poland. USSR ch 1934, 1937. GM 1950.
Start of 6th American Chess Congress, New York, Tchigorin & Weiss 1st.
Tchigorin won the most games in a single tournament, 27.
Top US player in the NY International was S. Lipschutz.
Bogoljubow, Efim born in Kiev. Ger. and USSR ch 1925. Challenger 1929, '34. Elo: 2610
1st game prize awarded to Gunsberg against Mason.1889
Lokvenc b. Vienna. Ger. ch 1943. Austrian ch 1951, 1953.
Reti, Richard born in Bratislava. Czechoslovkia ch 1925.
Start of 6th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
Asztalos, Lajos born in Pecs, Hungary. IM 1950; IA 1951. Elo: 2480 Hungary ch 1913.
Marshall wins 6th Scottish Ch.
2nd U.S. Chess Association, Haller 1st.
Chandler, Guy born in Weymouth, England. Founder of the British Chess Problem Society.
MacLeod lost 31 games in a single tournament.
Swiss Chess Association founded.
Grand meeting of all Japanese chessplayers in Tokyo. 200 players.
Wainright wins 4th British Amateur ch in London.
Dawson, Thomas born in Leeds, England. Created 6,400 problems. Pioneer of fairy chess.
Lange, Max died.

1890 Cafe de la Regence ch, Paris, Goetz 1st.
1890 Showalter defeats Lipschutz in a match, Louisville.
1890 El Ajedristica, 1st true automaton, shown by Quevedo.
1890 Loman wins 18th Netherlands Ch, The Hague.
1890 Az-Rah automaton exhibit closed by Bordeaux police (BCM 1978,407).
1890 Brunet published EL AJEDREZ in Barcelona.
1890 Albin was the only player to get a prize, Vienna, 1890.
1890 THEORIE UND PRAXIS DER ENDSPIELE by Berger published.
1890 Pestalozzi and Poplawski win 2nd Swiss Ch, Winterthur.
1890 Traxler variation introduced by Peter Traxler.
1890 Short wins 16th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1890 Albin Attack introduced by Albin against Csank, Vienna.
1890 Tchigorin beats Steintz in a telegraph match.
1890.01.29 Ware, Preston died.
1890.02 Showalter wins 2nd US ch, St Louis. Called the 3rd Congress of the US Chess Assn.
1890.04.09 Whitaker, Norman born in Philadelphia.
1890.04.14 Start of 7th Scottish Ch, Dundee.
1890.04.18 Walker wins 7th Scottish Ch.
1890.07.26 Berlin, Bertold Lasker & Emanual Lasker 1st.
1890.08.25 Start of 5th British Amateur Ch in Manchester.
1890.09.30 Mills wins 5th British Amateur Ch.
1890.11 Showalter loses a match to Judd, 7-3.
1890.12 1st city of London ch, Loman 1st.
1890.12.09 Start of 3rd world ch match, Steinitz-Gunsberg, NY.
1890.12.27 Grimshaw, Walter died in Whitby, England.
1891 Davison wins 17th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1891 Showalter wins 3rd US ch, Lexington. (4th Congress)
1891 Loman wins 19th Netherlands Ch, Utrecht.
1891 Sturgis, George born. President of USCF.
1891 Rabinovich, Ilya born.
1891 Bachmann 1st publishes a yearbook on chess. Ended in 1930.
1891 1st article on chessplayer ratings published in the BCM by Brumfitt.
1891 Em Lasker travels to London to run a chess pavilion at a German exhibition.
1891.01 Barnes wins 4th New Zealand Ch, Wellington.
1891.01.01 Campbell, Joseph died in London. Problemist.
1891.01.03 Brinckmann, Alfred born in Kiel, Germany. IA 1951; IM 1953; Elo: 2470.
1891.01.22 Steinitz (+6=9-4) beats Gunsberg, 10.5-8.5, in 3rd world ch, NY.
1891.04.05 Bauer, Johann died in Gortz, Austria of tuberculosis.
1891.04.14 MacKenzie, George d. in NY hotel room from TB. Born in 1837.
1891.04.14 Steinitz claims Mackenzie killed himself with an overdose of morphine.
1891.07.20 Start of 8th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1891.07.25 Chambers, John wins 8th Scottish Ch.
1891.08.18 Paulsen, Louis died in Germany.
1891.10.10 Kipping born. Most famous problem editor of all time.
1891.12.12 1st long distance telephone match in Great Britain, Liverpool vs London.
1891.12.25 Kubbel b. St Petersburg. Problem & endgame studies composer.
1892 Kupchik born.
1892 Torre, V. wins 6th Italian Ch in Turin.
1892 Tarrasch wins 7th German Ch in Dresden.
1892 Falkener publishes GAMES ANCIENT AND ORIENTAL in London.
1892 Steinitz ends International Chess Magazine.
1892 Roberts wins 1st South African Ch, Cape Town.
1892 Corrodi, Oswald (died in 1893) and Fahrni win 3rd Swiss Ch, Basel.
1892 Van den Berg wins 20th Netherlands Ch, Amsterdam.
1892 Hicks, William died in Montreal. Canadian ch 1874.
1892 Weenik, Henri born. Dutch composer, player and author.
1892 Lipschutz wins 4th US ch in a match in a match against Showalter (7-1, 7 draws)
1892 1st time PxP or P-KKt4 used (rather than spell it out)
1892 Em Lasker takes 1st place at a London tournament.
1892.01 Siedeberg wins 5th New Zealand Ch, Auckland.
1892.01.02 Start of world ch match, Steinitz-Tchigorin, Havana.
1892.02.07 Opocensky, Karel born. IM 1950. 4-time Czech ch.
1892.02.28 Steinitz (+10=5-8) beats Tchigorin, 12.5-10.5, in world ch match.
1892.03.07 1st day of the last meeting of the British Chess Assn, at British CC, London.
1892.03.07 Start of 6th British Amateur Ch in London.
1892.03.15 Kupchik, Abraham born in Brest-Litovsk, Russia. Manhattan CC Ch.
1892.03.18 Jones and Bateman win 6th British Amateur Ch.
1892.04 Pillsbury beats Steinitz, 2-1, in Boston.
1892.04.14 Start of 9th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1892.04.19 Mills wins 9th Scottish Ch.
1892.06.19 Ahlhausen, Carl died in Berlin. Adopted 1.g4 as his opening.
1892.07.29 Romanovsky b. St Petersburg. USSR ch 1923, 1927. IM 1950.
1892.09.03 Southern Counties' Chess Union formed.
1892.09.10 Balogh, Janos born in Tirgu Secuiesc, Romania. IMC 1953. Introduced the Balogh Defense.
1892.10.31 Alekhine, Alexander born in Moscow. Elo: 2690.
1892.11.26 Bohatirchuk, Fedor born in Kiev. USSR ch 1927. IM 1954. IMC 1967.
1893 Van Foreest and Loman win 21st Netherlands ch, Groningen.
1893 Mason writes THE PRINCIPLES OF CHESS. Sold 13,000 copies.
1893 Walbrodt and Bardeleben win 8th German Ch in Kiel.
1893 First of a series of famous cable matches between the U.S. and England.
1893.09 Albin introduces the Albin counter-gambit against Lasker, NY International.
1893 Popoff wins 4th Swiss ch, Bern.
1893 Wallace wins 4th Australian ch in Sydney.
1893 Narraway wins 19th Canadian Ch in Quebec.
1893 Helms writes a chess column in the Brooklyn Eagle. Continued until 1955.
Longest running uniterrupted chess colum under the same authorship.
1893.01 Siedeberg wins 6th New Zealand Ch, Christchurch.
1893.01.01 Dutch Federation monthly magazine SCHAKEND NEDERLAND founded.
1893.01.06 Antal, Aladar born in Jaszladany, Hungary. Wrote a book on openings.
1893.02.23 Anderson, Gerald Frank born in Newcastle, South Africa. British chess problemist. IJComp 1960; IMComp 1975.
1893.04.10 Start of 10th Scottish Ch, Dundee.
1893.04.13 Dufresne, Jean died. German player and writer. Elo: 2370
1893.04.14 Walker wins 10th Scottish Ch.
1893.04.30 Breyer, Gyula born in Budapest. Hungarian ch 1912. Elo: 2500
1893.09.30 New York International: Lasker 1st; Albin 2nd; Showalter 3rd
1893.1 NY tourney; 1st Pillsbury; 2nd Hodges; 3rd Showalter.
1893.11.21 Gruenfeld, Ernst born in Vienna. German ch 1927. GM 1950. Elo: 2550.
1894 Ilyin-Genevsky born.
1894 ENCHEIRIDION ZATRIKION by Olivier, 1st Greek work on chess, Athens.
1894 WYLLIE; James Wyllie, Checker Ch for 40 years, loses to James Ferrie.
1894 Wittek, Alexander born. Austrian player, architect.
1894 Davison wins 20th Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1894 Tarrasch wins 9th German Ch in Leipzig.
1894 Loman wins 22nd Netherlands Ch, Rotterdam.
1894 Tarrasch publishes his 300 Games of Chess.
1894 Pillsbury plays board 1 for Brooklyn CC.
1894.01 Women's chess club formed in NY, by Eliza Foote. 30 members. Lasted until 1949.
1894.01.23 Ceriani, Luigi born in Milan, Italy. Problemist.
1894.02 Showalter beats Hodges 8-6.
1894.03.15 Start of Steinitz-Lasker world ch match, NY and Montreal.
1894.03.23 Start of 11th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1894.03.27 Spens wins 11th Scottish Ch.
1894.04.07 Apsenieks, Fricis born in Tetele, Latvia. Elo: 2430. Latvian ch 1926-7, 1934
1894.05.18 Adam, Edmund born in Sonneberg, Germany. Introduced the Adam variation in 1939.
1894.05.26 Lasker defeats Steinitz, 12-7, to become world champion.
1894.05.26 Steinitz is oldest world champion at 58 years, 10 days.
1894.07.25 Kmoch, Hans born in Vienna. IM 1950. Chess author.
1894.08 Hodges defeats Showalter 5-3; recognized as US champion.
1894.10.20 New York, Steinitz 1st; Albin 2nd; Showalter 3rd.
1894.12.28 Mattison b. Riga. Latvian ch 1924. World amateur ch 1924.
1895 1st cable match, between the British chess club and Manhattan.
1895 Bachmann wins 5th Swiss ch, Zurich.
1895 Hooper sells Ajeeb to James Smith, who returns it to London.
1895 Only 1 chess periodical in Russia, Chakmatny Bulletin.
1895 Olland wins 23rd Netherlands Ch, Arnhem.
1895 Ajeeb returns to Coney Island; Sam Gonotsky is hidden operator.
1895 Potter, William died. Leading English player of the 1870s.
1895 Model, Abram born. Botvinnik's chess trainer.
1895 Showalter wins 5th US ch in a match against Lipschultz (7-4).
1895 Wallace wins 5th Australian ch in Melbourne.
1895.01 Mackay wins 8th New Zealand Ch, Wellington.
1895.01 Women's chess club formed in London.
1895.04.12 Start of 12th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1895.04.16 Mills wins 12th Scottish Ch.
1895.05.06 From, Martin died in Copenhagen. From's Gambit named after him.
1895.05.18 Saavedra publishes an underpromotion solution of a problem to win.
1895.06.15 Swiss System pairings, invented by J. Muller, 1st used in Zurich.
1895.08.05 Start of Hastings International.
1895.08.05 women's chess tournament, Hastings, won by Lady Thomas. (not the 1st)
1895.08.14 Grigoriev, Nikolay born in Moscow. Elo: 2440. Moscow ch 1921, 1922, 1923-4, 1929. Endgame analyst.
1895.08.19 Start of 7th British Amateur Ch in Hastings.
1895.08.24 Atkins wins 7th British Amateur Ch.
1895.09.02 Pillsbury wins at Hastings (16.5 - 4.5). Tchigorin 2nd, Lasker 3rd.
1895.09.25 Cheron, Andre born in Colombes, France. Fr ch 3 times. Authority on endgame studies. IJComp 1957; IMComp 1959.
1895.12 Pillsbury contracts syphilis.
1895.12.13 St Petersburg; start, Lasker 1st, Steinitz 2nd, Pillsbury 3rd, Tchigorin 4th.
1895.12.16 Barbier, Georges died in France.
1896 UC Berkeley beat Harvard in a chess game by wire.
1896 Sozin born.
1896 Wyvill, Marmaduke died.
1896 Jacobi publishes history of chess in Sanskrit literature.
1896 Bachmann and H. Duhm win 6th Swiss Ch, Lucerne.
1896 Only game played with 5 queens on board, Tresling-Benima, Winschoten.
1896 Showalter defeats Kemeny and Barry to retain US Ch.
1896 Price, Edith founded the Gambit Chess Rooms
1896 Bleijkmans wins 24th Netherlands Ch, Leiden.
1896 Wallace wins 6th Australian ch in Sydney.
1896 Austrian Attack introduced in Tarrasch-Charousek, Nuremberg.
1896 Em Lasker publishes COMMON SENSE IN CHESS.
1896 Em Lasker wins at Nuremberg with 12 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses.
1896.01 Meldrum wins 9th New Zealand Ch, Wanganui.
1896.01.27 Lasker wins at St Petersburg. Stenitz 2nd.
1896.03.13 1st US-UK cable match - US 4.5, UK 3.5. Newnes trophy.
1896.04.03 Start of 13th Scottish Ch, Dundee.
1896.04.09 Mills wins 13th Scottish Ch.
1896.04.19 Canal, Esteban born in Chiclayo, Peru. Hungarian ch 1933. IM 1950. HGM 1977.
1896.05.02 Vajda b. Rimavska Sobota. Hungarian ch 1928. IM 1950.
1896.06.14 Mansfield, Comins born. Chess problemist.
1896.09.05 Becker, Albert born in Vienna. Austrian ch 1925, 1937. IM 1953.
1896.09.14 Freeborough, Edward died in Hull, England. Author.
1896.09.20 Saemisch, Friedrich b. Berlin. Austrian ch 1921.
1896.11.07 Start of Lasker-Steinitz world ch match, Moscow.
1896.12.01 Mueller,Hans born. Austrian ch 1947. Developed the Austrian Attack.
1897 1st reference to lightning chess.
1897 LINDE; Antonius van der Linde, Dutch chess historian, died in Weisbaden.
1897 Tromovsky born.
1897 German book on history of chess published in Leipzig by von der Lasa.
1897 Loman wins 25th Netherlands Ch, Utrecht.
1897 Lasa publishes history of chess, Leipzig.
1897 Roberts wins 2nd South African Ch, Cape Town.
1897 Lasa encourages Murray to write history of chess.
1897 Steinitz and Lipschutz tie for NY State Championship.
1897 Palmer, Marvin born in Cedar Rapids, IA. Won Iowa ch at 20. Won Missouri ch in 1922. Won Michigan ch 5 times.
1897 Urusov, Sergei died. Chess-playing Russian prince.
1897 Narraway wins 21st Canadian Ch in Orilla.
1897 1st Nordic Ch won by S. Svensson in Stockholm.
1897 Barulin, Mikhail born in Russia. Fostered chess problems in Russia.
1897 Steinitz plays 22 games blindfold (+17) in Vienna at age 61.
1897 2nd Anglo-American match. GB 5.5, US 4.5.
1897 Sack wins 7th Swiss Ch, Aarau.
1897 Jacobsen wins 8th Australian ch in Sydney.
1897 Laucks, Forry born. Founder of Log Cabin Chess Club.
1897.01 Barnes wins 10th New Zealand Ch, Christchurch.
1897.01.14 Lasker (+10=5-2) defeats Steinitz, 12.5-4.5, Moscow.
1897.02 Pillsbury wins 6th US ch in a match against Showalter in NY.
Won 10-8, 3 draws. Pillsbury says he does not want the title.
1897.02.12 Gurvich, Abram born in Russia. IJComp 1956.
1897.03.14 Guidelli, Giorgio born in Serravalle d'Asti, Italy. Composer.
1897.03.23 Araiza, Jose born in Mexico. Mexico ch. Won 15 times in a row.
1897.04.16 Start of 14th Scottish Ch, Glasgow.
1897.04.19 Mills wins 14th Scottish Ch.
1897.05.10 Gedult, David born in Warsaw.
1897.05.18 Colle, Edgar born in Ghent, Belgium. Belgium ch 1924. Elo: 2490.
1897.05.31 Cable match between the House of Commons & House of Representatives.
1897.06.23 1st women's international tournament at Hotel Cecil, London, won by Mary Rudge. (BCM 1981,403)
1897.07.24 Macdonnell publishes Bana's Sanskrit reference to chess in the ATHENAEUM.
1897.08.30 Start of 8th British Amateur Ch in Southamton.
1897.09.08 Atkins wins 8th British Amateur Ch.
1897.09.28 Fraenkel, Heinrich born in Germany. Assiac.
1897.10.15 Bayer, Conrad died in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. Prize-winning problemist.
1897.10.19 Englisch, Berthold died in Vienna. German champion 1879. Elo: 2520.
1898 Kriegspiel invented by journalist Henry Temple in London.
1898 Vukovic, Vladimir born.
1898 Culin published CHESS AND PLAYING CARDS in Washington.
1898 Burn wins 10th German Ch in Cologne.
1898 Marco edits WIENER SCHACHZEITUNG (1898-1916).
1898 Thomas, F. writes THE INDIAN GAME OF CHESS
1898 Pillsbury operates Ajeeb in Coney Island until 1904.
1898 Tresling wins 26th Netherlands Ch, The Hague.
1898 Berger edits DEUTSCH SCHACHZEITUNG (1898-1911).
1898 3rd Anglo-American match. GB 5.5, US 4.5.
1898 Trenchard scored 27 zeros (most ever), +1, =8, at Vienna.
1898 Bachmann win 8th Swiss ch, Basel.
1898 Zepler, Eric, German composer born. 1st professor of electronics.
1898 Narraway wins 22nd Canadian Ch in Toronto.
1898.01 Barnes wins 11th New Zealand Ch, Auckland.
1898.01.14 Fox, Maurice born in the Ukraine. Won Canadian ch 8 times.
1898.02.25 Start of the Pillsbury-Showalter US ch match, New York.
1898.03.23 Fazekas, Stefan born in Staoraljaujhely, Hungary. Br. ch 1957. IMC 1964.
1898.04.01 Pillsbury wins 7th US ch in a match vs Showalter. (+7,-3,=2)
1898.04.09 Start of 15th Scottish Ch, Edinburgh.
1898.04.16 Fraser wins 15th Scottish Ch.
1898.09.11 Winter b. Medstead. London ch 5 times. Br ch 1935, 1936.
1898.11.12 Harkness, Kenneth born in Glasgow, Scotland. Developed rating system.
1898.11.24 Hookham, Henry died in Christchurch. New Zealand ch 1890.
1899 1st use of a flag on a chess clock.
1899 4TH Anglo-American match. US 6, GB 4.
1899 LASA; Tassilo von der Lasa d. Weisbaden. Chess historian & theoretician.
1899 Atkins wins 27th Netherlands Ch, Amsterdam.
1899 Rogard, Bror born. 2nd president of FIDE.
1899 2nd Nordic Championship, won by J. Moller in Copenhagen.
1899 Michael wins 3rd South African Ch, Durban.
1899 Henneberger win 9th Swiss ch, Lausanne.
1899 Branch publishes a SKETCH HISTORY OF CHESS in BCM.
1899 Smith wins 23rd Canadian Ch in Montreal.
1899 Paris Chess Club forbids discussion political or religious subjects.
1899 1st Anglo-American University cable match.
1899 1st Oxford-Cambridge (3.5) vs American colleges (2.5) match.
1899 King of Italy announces national chess ch; only 1 participant.
1899 Koenig b. Kula, Hungary. IM 1951. Chess author.
1899 Blackburne beat Lasker in London (Lasker's only loss).
1st time a British player beat a reigning ch.
1899 London: Lasker 1st, 4 points ahead of the rest. Won 18, drew 7, lost 1.
1899.01.15 Dubois, Serafino died in Rome. Elo: 2550
1899.01.28 Northern Counties' Chess Union formally inaugurated.
1899.02.22 Koch b. Berlin. IM 1950. E. Ger. ch 1951, 1952.
1899.03.31 Start of 16th Scottish Ch, Stirling.
1899.04.04 Mills wins 16th Scottish Ch.
1899.04.23 Nabokov, Vladimir born.
1899.06.03 MacDonnell, George died.
1899.07.27 Heydebrand un der Lasa, Tassilo died in Storchnest, Poland.
1899.09.14 1st All-Russian chess championship, Moscow, Tchigorin 1st. 14 players. (CHESS 12/49,55)