Century XV  
1407 Louis, Duke of Orleans, died. Chessplayer.
1408 The Sultan Mohammed plays live chess in Grenada, Spain.
1410 Martin of Aragon is an avid collector of chess sets and books.
1412 John Lydgate wrote Reson and sensuallyte, a romantic allegory.
1416 Jews of Forli banned all games of chance except chess.
1420 German king abandons the prohibition of chess.
1422 Cracow manuscript states that stalemate is a draw.
1422 Cracow poem attributes the invention of chess to Ulysses.
1425 1st reference to chess as 'the royal game' in Lydgates translation.
1430 Charles VII (1403-61), King of France, is a chess addict.
1433 Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, born. Strong chessplayer.
1437 King James I of Scotland was playing chess when he was murdered.
1440 Civis Bononiai, collection of chess problems, incorporated in Florentine manuscript.
1450 Custom of attaching to each problem an author.
1454 Best copy of Civis Bononiae's manuscript made. Now in Modena.
1454 Living chess played in Morostica, Italy for the hand of a lady.
1457.05 Charles, Duke of Orleans, wins a rare chess manuscript.
1460 Charles the Bold (1433-77) considered the best player of his time.
1464 statute included chessmen in a list of goods which were no onger to be imported.
1465 Orleans, Charles d' died. French prince and chessplayer.
1465 Charles D'Orleans d. Chess player and father of Louis XII.
1467 Colonna's Hypnerotomachia Poliphili describes chess balet.
1470 INNOCENT MORALITY published. 1st printed reference to chess.
1471 Gottingen manuscript published. 1st work devoted to modern chess.
1472 1st printing of the Gesta Romanorum morality, in Latin.
1472 1st hardback book dealing with chess published.
1474 Caxton (1422-1491) publishes 'the game and playe of chesse.'
1474.12 Gottingen manuscript in the hands of King Alfonso V of Portugal.
1475 Beginning of modern chess starts in southern Europe.
1475 Fers replaced by the queen and the aufin replaced by the bishop.
1476 At Louvaine, Charles the Bold forbids cards & dice, but not chess.
1477 Charles the Bold died.
1480? Damiano, Pedro born in Odemira, Portugal. Wrote 1st chess book in Italian.
1485 1st known modern chess game recorded.
1490 1st chess painting 'the chess players,' by a Venetian artist.
1490 Marco Girolamo Vida born.
1490 En passant is introduced.
1492 Ferdinand played chess while Columbus negotiated.
1495 1st practical chess book printed, by the Catalan Vicent treatise on openings.
1495 Vicent publishes his Catalan chess book, 1st practical chess book to be printed.
1495 During the Inquisition, living chess was played.
1496 Oldest surviving book about practical play printed by Lucena; Repeticion de Amores.
1497 Lucena writes 1st printed book on chess playing; dedicated to Prince Juan.
1498 Mennel presents manuscript to Emperor Maximilian I that chess is a game of skill.