Century XVIII  
1700 Payagunda writes CHATURANGAVINODA (The Game of Chess)
1700 Slaugter's Coffee House was center of London until 1770.
1700 Peter the Great cancels a ban on chess.
1702 M. de Kermar, Sire de Legal, born. Philidor's teacher.
1702.02.18 Hyde, Thomas died in Oxford, England. Oriental scholar. Establised Indian origin of chess.
1705 Liebniz takes interest in chess.
1705 Phillip Stamma born. Chess player from Aleppo. Interpreter of Oriental languages.
1706 M. Caze writes an unpublished manuscript on the King's Gambit.
1706 Benjamin Franklin born. Wrote 'Morals of chess'.
1707 Cunningham, Alexander originates the Bertin Gambit, published by Bertin in 1735.
1709 Charles XII, King of Sweden, plays chess.
1711 chess is prohibitted in Frankfort for 14 years after the Great Fire.
1715 Cozio, Carlo born in Italy. Count of Montiglio and chess author.
1715 1st chess club in England at Slaughter's in London.
1718 Charles XII died. King of Sweden who played chess.
1718 del Rio, Ercole born in Guiglia, Italy. Author.
1718 Grotto beat English Admiral Byng in Naples.
1719 Feret, in a paper to the French Academy, supports Indian origin of chess.
1719.11.09 Ponziani, Domenico born in Modena, Italy. Prof. of Civil Law, Canon of the Cathedral, vicar.
1722 Three-handed chess and board invented by Marinelli in Naples.
1723 Sicilian Defense played in Naples by Severino.
1723 D. Scipone del Grotto died. Leading player of Naples. Priest from Salerno.
1726.09.07 Philidor, Andre born at Dreux near Paris. 18th century master. Wrote 23 operas.
1728 Eon de Beaumont, Charles born. (d'eon) Transvestite.
1728 Charles Chevalier d'Eon de Beumont born. Fr. diplomat & chessplayer.
1730.12 Cunningham, Alexander died at the Hague. Classical scholar.
1733 Rousseau becomes interested in chess. Writes about it in his Confessions.
1733.09.15 Short Essay on the Game of Chess appears in the Craftsman.
1733 Franklin learns chess
1733 Lewis Rau of NYC wrote a manuscript about chess.
1734 Wolfgang von Kempelen, inventor of the first automaton, born.
1735 THE NOBLE GAME OF CHESS by Bertin is 1st worthwhile English book.
1736 Philidor learns how to play chess.
1736.12.19 Bruhl, John (Hans) born in Wiederau, Germany. Gave support to Philidor. Minister of Saxony.
1736? Bertin, Joseph died. Author of THE NOBLE GAME OF CHESS.
1737 Essai sur le Jeu d'Echecs published in Paris by Stamma. 100 problems.
1737 Stamma publishes a chess book in Paris. 1st book using standard notation.
1737 Cunningham, Alexander died in London; Diplomat and historian. Cunningham gambit.
1738 Philidor writes opera, performed at Versailles.
1740 Legall teaches chess to Philidor. Legal starts with Rook odds.
1740 Philidor leave choir of Chapel Royal.
1741 Stamma's book published in French at The Hague.
1742 Rousseau meets Legal and Philidor at the Cafe Maugis.
1743 Philidor and Legal playing on even level.
1743 Chess played on a board 14 by 10 in London. Invented by the Duke of Rutland.
1744 Philidor plays 2 opponents blindfold in Paris at age 18.
1745 1st edition of Hoyles games published, with a chess section.
1745 Stamma publishes 'the noble game of chess' in algebraic notation. Published in London.
1745 Atwood, George born in England. Played many games with Philidor. Distinguished mathematician.
1745.12 Philidor earns a living by teaching and playing chess at The Hague.
1746 Sir William Jones born. Translated 1st Sanskrit reference to chess
1746.02.15 Heinse, Wilhelm born in Ilmenau, Germany. Wrote about Anastasia's mate.
1747 Philidor defeats Stamma in a match at Slaughter's in London. 10 games.
1747 Twiss, Richard born. Chess author.
1747 Philidor visits England under the auspices of Sir Janssen, strongest English player.
1748 Philidor introduces the modern rule of numbering each move and its reply with the same number.
1748 Stein, Elias born. Chess tutor of Dutch royalty.
1748 Philidor writes L'ANALYSE DU JEU DES ESCHECS. Lord Sandwich orders 10 copies.
1748 Voltaire and Emperor Frederick II of Prussia play chess.
1749 Philidor publishes ANALYZE DES ESCHECS in London, most important chess book to date.
1750 Philidor gives chess exhibitions for Frederick the Great.
1750 Philidor plays 3 games blindfold in Berlin, winning all 3.
1750 king leap ended in Spain and Portugal.
1750 Legal's mate introduced by Legal against Saint Brie.
1750 Del Rio publishes a chess book. 1st on the Scotch opening.
1750 English editon of Philidor's book published. Called Chess Analyzed.
1750 CHESS MADE EASY, an English edition of Greco's work, published.
1750 Arabic manuscript (Z)
1751 Philidor plays 3 blindfold games simultaneously in Berlin.
1752 Chess manuscript presented to Gottingen University by F. Borner.
1752 Franklin writes that his chess playing partner, David Martin, is dead.
1754 Battilor, Stefano died.
1754.09 Philidor returns to France after an absence of 9 years.
1755 Article on chess in Diderot's ENCYCLOPEDIE.
1755 Stamma died.
1755 Philidor defeats Legall in France at the Cafe de la Regence.
1760 Rousseau plays Prince de Conti, winning 2 games.
1761 Hoyle publishes essay on chess (Murray 850).
1762 Franklin plays Bartram (game - CR 1/62,18)
1763 Sir William Jones writes the poem Caissa.
1763 Lolli publishes a 632 page compendium of chess.
1763 Modern usage of fianchetto 1st described by Lolli.
1763 Caissa, the muse or goddess of chess, created by Sir William Jones.
1763.06.19 Allgaier, Johann born in Schussenried, Germany. Tutored the Emperor's sons.
1764 HISTORY OF CHESS by Lambe published in London.
1766 Alexandre, Aaron born in Hohenfeld, Bavaria.
1766 4-part 2-volume IL GIUOCO DEGLI SCACCHI by Cozio completed.
1767 Hyde's Latin work on the history of chess reprinted as 2nd volume.
1769 Lolli died.
1769 Von Kempelen's The Turk is the 1st great cabinet illusion.
1769 Automaton, first was the Turk.
1769 Ponziani publishes a practical chess guide to chess.
1769 Hoyle dies.
1770 Cochrane, James born in England. Wrote a book on the Muzio Gambit in 1829.
1770 Turk 1st exhibited in Vienna at the court of Maria Theresa at Vienna.
1770 Pratt, Peter born. Chess author.
1770 club formed at the Salopian Coffee House in England.
1771 Philidor plays chess at the Salopian Coffee-house.
1771 Chess is used in the theater in LE BOURRU BIENFAISSANT.
1772 Jacob Sarratt born. 1st professional to teach chess in England.
1772 Coxe sees 4-handed chess in Russia. 1st reference to 4-handed chess.
1772 Parsloe's, a chess club in London, founded. Closed in 1825.
1772 Philidor returns to London.
1772 Maelzel, John Nepomucene born in Ratisbon, Bavaria. Turk owner.
1772 Jones, Sir William publishes his Poems (Oxford), including Caissa.
1773 Chess used in Goethe's 1st play.
1774 Parsloe's CC founded in England. Limited to 100 members. (Murray 863)
1774 Oldest Danish chess book (Murray, 854).
1775 TRAITES DES AMATEURS published by Bernard, Carlier, Leger, Verdoni.
1775 Prince Potemkin and Catherine the Great play chess.
1775.02 Philidor gives chess lessons at Parsole's for 1 crown.
1776.12.26 British General Rall died in Battle of Trenton. Was playing chess.
1777 2nd edition of Philidor's book, ANALYZE, in French and English.
1777 Gauss born. Chessplayer. Solved the 8 queens problem.
1777.06 d'Eon de Beaumont subscribes to Philidor's new book edition.
1779 Peter Roget b. Devised 1st poecket set. Wrote the Thesaurus.
1779 Duke of Rutland's chess invented using a 14 x 10 board.
1780 Cotter of England 1st plays the Allgaier Gambit of the KGA.
1780 Cozio, Carlo died in Italy. Author.
1780.03.07 Deschapelles, Alexandre born in Ville d'Avray, France.. Lost his right arm in a war.
1781 1st recording of games systematically, by Atwood.
1781 Vezin, Charles born in Hanover. Philadelphia's best chess player.
1782.03.07 Butrimov, Ivan born in St Petersburg. Published 1st Russian chess book in 1821,
1782.05.28 Philidor plays Count Bruhl and Bowdler blindfold, simultaneously.
1783 2nd performance of the Turk, in Vienna for Emperor Joseph II.
1783 Franklin plays the Turk in Paris.
1783 Paris starts chess club under patronage of Louis XVIII.
1783.05.08 Philidor plays 3 games simultaneously, blindfolded. Age 57. (won 2, drew 1)
1784 Oldest Swedish book, Kort Afhandling, is published by Konigstedt.
1784 O-O; Moses Hirschel introduces the o-o and o-o-o symbol. (Murray, 848).
1784 Kempelen brings The Turk to Britain.
1784 Thicknesse; 'The automaton chessplayer, exposed' by Thicknesse, published in London.
1785 Frederick the Great plays the Turk.
1786.12 Frankin publishes his 'Morals of Chess' in COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE.
1787 Twiss writes book called Chess (volume 1) anonymously.
1787 Jacques Mouret born. Turk operator. Nephew of Philidor.
1787 Barrington write An Historical Disquisition on the Game of Chess.
1787.10.09 Lewis, William, English player, b. in Birmingham. Operated the Turk.
1788 Philidor playing at 62 giving knight odds.
1789 Stein publishes opening book; analyzes the Dutch defense.
1789 Twiss writes Chess (vol 2).
1789 Racknitz builds a duplicate turk. Publishes book exposing the Turk.
1790 Philidor plays at age 64 blindfold, simultaneously at pawn odds.
1790 Sir William Jones writes On the Indian Game of Chess.
1790 3rd edition of Philidor's book published.
1790 1st known double rook sac made by Bowdler against Conway, London.
1790.01.27 Evans, William, inventor of the Evans gambit, born in Pembroke, Wales.
1791 RUSSIA; 1st chess book published in Russia.
1792 Legall died. Philidor's teacher.
1793 Irwin writes Account of the Chinese Game of Chess.
1794 Sir William Jones died. Sanskrit translater
1794 Douce writes EUROPEAN NAMES OF CHESSMEN in Archaeologia, London
1794.02.12 Petrov, Alexander b. in Viserovo, Russia. 1st strong Russian player.
1794.02.23 Philidor plays several blindfold, simultaneously at age 68.
1795 1st German chess manual, published by Allgaier, in Vienna.
1795 1st account of Burmese chess in Syme's ACCOUNT OF AN EMBASSY TO THE KINGDOM OF AVA.
1795 Turkish chess manuscript with 128 chess problems; now in Berlin
1795.06.20 Philidor's last blindfold performance.
1795.07.27 Bledow, Ludwig, founder of the Pleiades, born in Berlin.
1795.08.05 Last known game of Philidor. Still winning at age 69 with pawn odds.
1795.08.31 Philidor, Andre died in London. Age 69.
1796 Muhammad-khan, Shir wrote SARDARNAMA.
1796 Samuel Newham, England's leading provincial player, born.
1796 Atwood plays chess against Verdoni.
1796.07.15 Ponziani, Domenico died.
1797 Morosi makes an automaton for Ferdinand III, Duke of Tuscany.
1797 de Labourdonnais, Louis born in La Reunion.
1797 automaton is a center in a play.
1797 Bourdonnais, Louis Charles de la, born in Reunion Island.
1797.01.21 Calvi, Iganzio born in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Italian player and composer.
1798 Morphy, Paul's father born in Charleston, South Carolina,
1798 Morosi makes an automaton and displays it in Paris.
1798 Jean-Loius Preti b. Chess writer. Started LA STRATEGIE.
1798.02.04 Cochrane, John, born in England. Scottish player. Founder of the romantic style.
1798.04.28 Forbes, Duncan born in Kinnaird, Scotland. Scottish writer on chess history.
1798.05.21 McDonnell, Alexander b. Belfast. Best player in England around 1830.
1799 Durand, Philippe born in Fresnay-la-Mere. Wrote 1st book devoted to the practical endgame.
1799 Cox publishes book on Burma Game of chess.
1799.11.25 Agnel, Hyacinth born in NY City. Author.