Century XXI  
2000.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2851, Anand-2771, Kramnik-2758, Shirov-2751
2000.01.12 Sutovsky won the Hastings Congress
2000.01.30 Kasparov won Corus Wijk aan Zee
2000.02.05 Koltanowski died in San Francisco
2000.03.05 Daniel Yanofsky died at the age of 74.
2000.03.10 Kramnik and Kasparov won Linares
2000.03.28 Shirov won the 9th Amber Tournament
2000.04.13 Aivars Gipslis died at the age of 63 in Berlin
2000.05.11 Smirin won the New York Open
2000.06.27 Volkov won the 53rd Russian Ch
2000.07.22 Vladimir Bagirov died in Finland
2000.10.02 Lazaro won the World Junior Ch in Armenia
2000.10.07 Benjamin, Shabalov, Seirawan won the US Ch, Seattle
2000.11.04 Kramnik beat Kasparov in the Braingames World Ch.
2000.11.12 34th Chess Olympiad, Istanbul. 1st-Russia; 2nd-Gemany; 3rd-Ukraine
2000.12.27 Anand won the FIDE world ch in Tehran
2001.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2849, Anand-2790, Kramnik-2772, Adams-2746
2001.01.07 Conquest and Sasikirin won 76th Hastings Congress
2001.01.28 Kasparov won Corus Wijk aan Zee
2001.02.28 Anna-Maria Botsari played 1102 boards simulteneously in Greece.
2001.03.04 Gerardo Barbero died. Argentina GM. Born Aug 21, 1961.
2001.03.07 Kasparov won Linares
2001.03.11 Akopian and Zhang won the National Open
2001.03.21 Topalov and Kramnik won 10th Amber Championship
2001.04.01 Eugenio German died, age 70. First Brazilian IM.
2001.07.08 Smirin, Onischuk, Yudasin, Goldin, Shulman, Benjamin, A Ivanov won World Open
2001.08.04 Claude Bloodgood died. Born July 14, 1924.
2001.08.10 Joseph Gallagher won the British Ch
2001.08.12 Wojtkiewicz, Benjamin, Doettling, Stripunsky won US Open, Framington, MA
2001.08.16 Carmine Nigro died at the age of 91.
2001.08.23 DEEP JUNIOR 7 won the 18th World Microcomputer Ch
2001.08.29 Peter Acs won the World Junior Ch in Athens, Greece
2001.09.03 Ibragimov won the 123rd NY State Championship
2001.09.10 Alexei Suetin died in Moscow. Born Nov 16, 1926.
2001.10.28 Klovans won the World Senior Ch in Italy
2001.11.12 Tony Miles died.
2001.11.25 Khachian won the 37th American Open
2001.12.01 PCA: Kasparov-2798; Kramnik-2794; Anand-2733; Topolov-2706
2001.12.02 John Collins died at the age of 89. Born in 1912
2002.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2838; Kramnik-2809; Anand-2757; Adams-2742
2002.01.06 Harikrishna and Barsov won 77th Hasting Congress
2002.01.13 De Firmian and Christiansen won the US Ch, Seattle
2002.01.26 Ruslan Ponomariov beat Ivanchuk for FIDE world champion, Moscow
2002.01.27 Bareev won Corus, Wijk aan Zee
2002.02.13 Edmar Mednis died. Born Mar 22, 1937.
2002.03.11 Yermolinsky and Browne won the National Open, Las Vegas
2002.03.28 Morozevich won the Amber Tournament in Monaco
2002.06.19 David Garcia Ilundain, Spanish GM, died at the age of 31.
2002.07.07 Milton won the 30th World Open
2002.08.04 Zaitshik and Najer won the US Open in Cherry Hill, NJ.
2002.08.10 Ramesh won the British Championship.
2002.08.15 Sergej Karjakin is GM at 12 years, 7 months, days. Youngest GM ever
2002.09.02 Benjamin, Stripunsky, Rohde, and Pixton won the 124th NY Ch.
2002.09.04 Lastin won the 55th Russian championship.
2002.09.08 Michel Roos, former French champ, died in Strasbourg. Born Aug 27, 1932
2002.09.08 Humy Koneru becomes a GM at 15 years, 1 month, 27 days. Youngest female GM
2002.09.11 Rest of the World beat Russia in the Match of the New Century, Moscow
2002.09.23 Eduard Gufeld died in Los Angeles. Born on Mar 19, 1936.
2002.09.26 Ricardo Calvo died in Madrid. Born Oct 22, 1943.
2002.10.22 Kramnik draws with DEEP FRITZ in Bahrain. 2 wins, 2 losses, 4 draws
2002.11.02 Petkevich won the 12th World Senior Open.
2002.11.11 35th Chess Olympiad in Bled. 1st-Russia; 2nd-Hungary; 3rd-Armenia
2002.12.01 Blatny and Shulam won the 38th American Open.
2002.12.20 Karpov beat Kasparov in a Rapid Match in New York. 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw
2002.12.21 Aronian won 41st World Junior Championship
2002.12.22 Victor Batirnsky, head of Karpov's team, died. Born June 27, 1914.
2003.01.01 PCA: Kasparov-2805; Kramnik-2789; Topalov-2712; Anand-2698
2003.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2847; Kramnik-2807; Anand-2753; Topalov-2743.
2003.01.05 Peter Nielsen won 78th Hastings Congress.
2003.01.18 Shabalov won the 2003 US Chess Championship, in Seattle.
2003.01.26 Anand won 65th Corus Wijk aan Zee.
2003.02.07 Kasparov drew with DEEP JUNIOR in New York. 1 win, 1 loss, 4 draws.
2003.03.06 Ludek Pachman died in Passau, Germany. Bornb May 11, 1924.
2003.03.08 Lim Kok Ann, former FIDE general secretary, died. Bon Jan 27, 1920.
2003.03.09 Leko and Kramnik win Linares.
2003.03.15 Cambridge beat Oxford in the 121st varisty match.
2003.03.27 Anand wins 12th Amber tournament
2003.05.10 Milan Vukcevich died in Cleveland. Born March 11, 1937.
2003.05.19 Orlov won 28th Paul Keres Memorial, Vancouver, Canada.
2003.06.21 Alvise Zichichi, former Italian champion, died in Rome. Born in 1938
2003.07.03 Mamedyarov won the 42nd World Junior Ch.
2003.07.06 Ehlvest won the 31st World Open
2003.07.08 Attila Schneider, International Master, died.
2003.07.11 Ken Whyld died. Age 77.
2003.07.24 Gulko won the US Senior Open, Wilmington, Delaware
2003.07.26 Harold Schonberg died in New York, age 87.
2003.08.02 Kunte won the British Ch
2003.08.15 Shabalov won the US Open, Los Angeles
2003.09.01 Donaldson and Langer won the 22nd North American Open
2003.09.01 Ehlvest and Ibragimov won the 125th New York State Championship
2003.09.12 Svidler won the 56th Russian Championship
2003.11.18 Kasparov draws with Fritz X3D in New York; 1 win, 1 loss, 2 draws
2003.11.29 Shabanov won the 13th world championship for seniors
2003.11.30 Shredder won the 19th world computer chess championship, Graz
2003.11.30 Akobian, Atilik, Blatny won the 39th American Open
2003.12.15 Ehlvest won the 87th Marshall Chess Club Championship
2003.12.29 Shabalov won the North American Open in Las Vegas
2004.01.01 PCA: Kasparov-2786; Kramnik-2730; Anand-2713; Svidler-2701
2004.01.01 FIDE: Kasparov-2831; Kramnik-2777; Anand-2766; Svidler-2747
2004.01.05 Rowson and Kotronius won 79th Hastings 2003/04
2004.01.15 Tunc Hamarat of Austria won the 16th world correspondence ch
2004.01.24 Anand wins 66th Corus Wijk aan Zee.
2004.10.14 Chess Olympiad 2004 to take place on Mallorca Island
2004.10.31 Ends Olympiad 2004 in Mallorca Island. Ukraine won in men and China in women
2005.01.01 Magnus Carlsen, a 14 years old GM, beat GM Alexei Shirov, top ten on the world.
2005.01.02 Arnold Sheldon Denker (1914-2005), the "Dean of American Chess", dies