Jeremy Chen triumph in Parsippany!

TAG Chess Student got Fisrt Place as Best Upset at the US Amateur Team East in February 2008

The oustanding victory of Jeremy Chen against a chess player 765 rating points above him, crowned the TAG student as the best upset in the third round of the U.S. Amateur Team East (Parsippany, NJ)
Conducting the white pieces, Jeremy with the rating of 996 in the USCF, defeated Joline James (1761) in 29 moves of the Fianchetto Variation of the King's Indian Defence.
The tournament was runned for three days from February 16 to 18, and reunites around two thousand chess players.
Jeremy acted as captain and first board of the TAG 2 team which included to Aravind Kumar, Nolan Fortin and Jay Yalamanchili.

Representing TAG were also the 'veterans' of the 2007 competition Kevin Zhang, Brandon Borden, George Didita and Daniel Selyutin.
Daniel individually completed five victories out of six games.
This is the first time that TAG in Princeton, the successful private chess program in Princeton area, attends with two teams in Parsippany.
"I feel very exhausted but the experience that our kids got, worth the effort" mentioned Elena Didita, coordinator of TAG for this event and other chess activities outside Princeton.

To see Jeremy's winning game please click here

TAG 2 team from the left: Jay, Nolan, Aravind and Jeremy

Veterans of 2007 Daniel and George.

Brandon and Kevin, also veterans of 2007

National champion Aravind Kumar receiving advices from his main coach

TAG teams with their fan number one

Nobody will believe that the team on the left lost to the cubs on the right

Pictures by Kyle Fortin and Oleg Selyutin

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