For a very first time in New York a group of Chess Masters get together to combine their strength over the board with Miguel Iñiguez's chess teaching techniques to create a center of teaching of great resonance. CHESSKIDSNY is dedicated to giving motivated kids opportunities to have great chess performances!

Let's Play! Saturdays in Princeton

Our mentor, Miguel Iñiguez has been teaching chess for many years with great success in the New York area. Miguel has decided to create this organization and to share his abilities with other chess teachers to be able to communicate (transmit) as he calls “in children language” his dynamic system of teaching chess. His unique method, based on “loving what you doing” first, enriching with problem solving later, prepareing his students step to step on the way to the intricateness of chess as a science and art. “I never thought of my 6 year old son competing in chess. Miguel just knows how to reach the point!” said B. Yakobi, mother of a very talented chess player in the Princeton area. Teachers working next to Miguel learn that his success with students is based on his simplicity and good sense of humor. Kids really enjoy working with Miguel, and at the same time that they are having fun, they learn. No complex manuals, heavy chess books or pamphlets to read.


Fabiano Caruana and
Miguel Iniguez
Bryant Park,
New York - Summer 1997.
Caruana is a Grand Master of Chess, was playing for Italy and now is back at the USA.

Picture Courtesy of
Steve Manning

His worksheets, with just six chess puzzles per page, help the students reach goals quickly. You will be surprised to discover that there are kids who have solved hundreds of these pages, completing thousand of chess puzzles without noticing. Many kids admire Miguel as a gentleman and try to imitate him. He wears always black and white, the colors of a chess board, playing sometimes Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or Tchaikovsky as background during his chess seminars. While he makes fun of his Spanish accent, he provides his students with stability, honesty, enthusiasm, ingenuity and a great love of chess. During raucous blitz games with students, he skillfully manipulates the position to teach the student/opponent the next chess idea
The combination of Miguel's creative chess teaching methods with the skills over the board of these strong chess masters will create a very strong team of teachers who work together to improve the chess play, the mental skills, the lives of hundreds of children in the New York/New Jersey area. The CHESKIDSNY website provides you with details and news of our efforts.
Enjoy your visit!

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